You have a gift card? So sorry, we have nothing available.

I have a number of gift cards on account with Massage Envy. Every time I try to use one, the seem not to be able to accommodate me due to heavy bookings. So, I began catching on and began asking for an appointment a week or 2 away. Wouldn’t you know, they’d take my reservation only to call me back the day before the appointment to tell me that they “accidentally” double booked. It’s a scam. Do not buy Massage Envy gift cards!!!

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  • massage envy is the worst

    HA! I worked at ME for several years at the front desk. The reason they do this is because they know people with gift cards probably won’t join as a member, so the sales closing numbers will go down if you have your appointment and check out without joining. Best way to get around it is to pretend you’re really interested in joining as a member when you’re trying to book on the phone.