Will it never end

I was a customer of Massage Envy. . . no envy now. I prepaid for the year (by check) because I did not want my CC card used on accident. I was clear that I was only signing up for a year. They acknowledged they understood. So when I relented and gave it to them they promised it would never be charged. A year later they started using it for monthly charges. I canceled it 5 times (by phone twice, in person 3 times). I even got refunds on the 2nd year visits with the promise I wouldn’t get charged again, and yet it happened the very next month. The only way to get it to end was to cancel the membership which meant I had to forfeit my original unused visits from the 1st prepaid year. Some may ask, why unused. Because if I had to cancel I got ‘charged’ for a visit. But when they canceled on me 3 times as I am standing there checking in, there was no, oh, so sorry. only to bad for me. They would often start my appt, late even though I showed up early as requested, because they would run late with previous client, so I did not get the full benefit when I did get a massage/facial. It was just a second rate experience.

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