What a joke!

I have been a member since 2009. The location in north Ft. Worth Alliance town square is a joke. You can not get an appointment less than 2 weeks out, yet twice in the past 3 months my massage has been canceled the day of. You see my fiancĂ© and I have 4 kids we don’t get free time often. So when we schedule the both of us at the same time for a massage a month out, we are really looking forward to it the day it comes. On 2 out of the 3 last attempts one of us has been called and canceled on with no care about the fact that we had 2 massages scheduled. When asked if we would like to reschedule, sure when can we get in? We don’t have anything available for 2 weeks. This company sucks, their staff sucks, and their managers suck!

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  • Guest

    you are definitely better off with therapists that work for themselves.

  • chilling now

    People look for cheap massages so where do you go. Massage Envy. You get sold on a low price. But l will not join a massage club that took 3 weeks for me to get in for my first massage. The lady was good but she talked all the time and out of the 90 minute massage. From getting undressed to the walk to the front desk after the massage was 101 minutes. So it was pretty close to what I was promised. The sale pitch I shut down quickly because I told them how long it took me to get in the first time. They told me that was a fluke. However I stood there and listened to other customers trying to book and they couldn’t get them in for weeks.
    so why join…… I found a massage person who charges $20 more but the massage is awesome and I can get in every week.