WA Location

I have been going to Massage Envy for years because I travel for work. Some locations are great, some are not so great. I recently moved to Washington and my mom got me a Massage Envy membership for Christmas. I went to my first massage at the location and I had little problems like, it was cold in there and I couldn’t understand my masseuse’s mumbling. I told them that, and instead of them turning the heat up, it was put into my file that I needed a heater in the room I am placed in. I’m not a freeze baby. I run hot. If I’m cold then every other guests are cold. They also told me not to use that masseuse again (fine).

So the next month comes around, and I call for my appt and they scheduled it with the same guy when I asked them not to. When I realized this (an hour later) I called and changed the masseuse. 1 week later I get a call that the schedule of my original masseuse has changed and would I like to change my dates. No, I already changed it. They checked it. Fine. Then the day of my appointment I get a call at 8 am that my masseuse called in sick that day could I reschedule. 1 month later, still haven’t had it in me to reschedule.
You want people to come here but have horrible customer service. I would stop going if I didn’t have a membership.

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