Traumatic experience

My daughter gave me a Gift Card for Mothers Day with oodles of love inside. Too bad the service she purchased didn’t understand the concept. I was greeted rudely by the front desk day of. It went downhill from there. The manager is as rude as the staff, no wonder they are so disrespectful! I have never experienced such poor service in an environment which offers relaxation!!! I was stressed to the max. The massage was incomplete as she massaged one arm and forgot the other. When I mentioned it, she said the time was up! She didn’t use the aromatherapy lotion I requested though it was available to her.. her idea of deep tissue felt like ouch! I wanted to slap the piss out of her and the rest of the rude and ignorant workers there. The only envy is that I wish my daughter had discovered The Green Spa which is the type of experience she really wanted for me. The best, certainly not the terrible experience I had at Massage Envy. Please learn from my experience. Find a business that understands repeat customers are the best customers. Mistreatment is not acceptable to any customer. Ever. I hope they get sued and never resurface.

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  • guest

    You clearly don’t know what “deep tissue massage” is then. It’s painful. It doesn’t feel good. It’s part of medical massage. Learn what deep tissue massage is, before you complain about it, or ask for it. What you probably wanted was a “firm” massage.

    • inquisitor

      Yeah, and when they break out the blowtorch and char…don’t bitch about that either.

  • Constance

    Rather than being pissy, I’ll just tell you that deep tissue, as I understand it, refers to working the “deep muscles”, such as the diaphragm and the like. “Deep pressure” is what most clients are looking for. Deep tissue is not comfortable, but if she was hurting you during a relaxation massage, she wasn’t doing her job.