Total BS

I Scheduled an appointment for 1.5hr massage and after waiting 45 minutes was told they couldn’t do my service because I take pain medications. WTF shouldn’t that be something they ask prior to booking the appointment? I’m Sure most patrons with chronic pain issue take meds. The Manager had no care in the world of my time wasted. And had the nerve to say they could service me another time. Just don’t medicate 2 days before. I told her they could never help me because they suck. Policy or not.

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  • Guest

    that is the pits. yuck.

  • Peema Phants

    If you get a massage when you took ANY high level painkillers, you can overdose. So its really up to you if you want to risk overdosing on painkillers or not.

  • Krista Lynn

    If receptionists had to go over EVERY single contraindication to a massage, nobody would ever get an appointment scheduled. We’re literally given an entire textbook in school on pathology and its effects with massage. It isn’t their fault, and it isn’t your fault. Not only does it waste your time, it wastes the therapist’s time and they don’t get paid.

  • Rochelle

    Huh? I’m baffled by this and some of the comments. I have been on methadone for chronic pain for 13 years and I have gotten massages at least once or twice a month that entire time and I’ve never had a problem, my massage therapists have never had a problem with it and my pain doctors know I go for massage every month and have never mentioned the possibility of any danger.

  • Talaon

    As a massage therapist, I wouldn’t work on you either. It has nothing to do with ME. If you get a massage while taking pain killers, you could overdose. That is why most states have a mandatory health chart that you have to fill out to disclose any health issues and medications. As consumers, you should learn about your medications.