Thieves and Shysters

My husband was a repeat customer at Massage Envy, Wheaton, Illinois. The massages were so-so but this shop was pretty much the only game in town at the time (approximately two years ago).

After my husband disrobed and was face down on the table, he removed and handed the employee his Tag Heuer watch, (retail value of $2,000). Mind you. He didn’t drop it or leave it in the waiting room. He placed it into the hand of the therapist while in the massage room.

Thirty minutes after leaving, he realized he left the watch with her. He called their facility, explained what had happened to a manager, and was told he would receive a call back. A full day passed and there was no return call. He called again, asked for the massage therapist by name, who came to the phone but denied all knowledge of the watch and said that at no time did my husband give the watch to her. A boldface lie.

We appealed to the owner, who deferred to their “lost articles liability waiver” posted in their waiting room. We argued that this wasn’t a case of a lost or misplaced article but a situation whereby my husband, their valued client, entrusted her employee with a valuable, weighty personal item and somehow, 24 hours later, she has no memory of it.

We were not expecting the owner to cut us a check for $2K but as a repeat, longstanding customer, one would expect some recompense or accommodation. Maybe a few, free massages? We received not even a “sorry”. In essence, she blamed my husband for carelessness. I submit, how is it careless when he purposely handed the watch to the employee to care for it and she took it accordingly? No reputable, prestigious business would treat its best customers this way. Never.

My best guess? The manager who received the initial call from my husband and/or the therapist were in on it. How convenient for them both to say, “It must have been stolen by our next customer, who saw it sitting on the shelf in the massage room.”

Wow. I thought the therapist had no memory of the watch. Get your story straight, darlin.

Shysters and thieves. The whole lot of them.

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