Terminated for Reporting Sexual Assault Against Me

Was employed at the Massage Envy La Mirada, CA location for 6 months. Nicest owners, not so nice were the other supervisors. I was sexually assaulted. Reported it to them, truthfully; and according to their standards, “not immediately enough”. And thus was terminated for reporting it not soon enough. This is evil. This really happened. This violator, a truly deceptive man with a real sexual problem as I came to discover only too late, had come off (maybe a ruse?) as a decent, nice, fairly regular client for about 2 months with whom there had been no issues. When he finally did give me a problem to report, I had tried to find a manager. None on duty, they were at another location. Often, I had another client waiting. The next client should not be kept from time in their service for something not their problem. What if I had been any less stellar a personality to not tell them the whole truth, even if not immediate? If I had simply blocked him from me, he would continue his manipulative game and hurt someone else in our location or across the nation. As it was, I was punished for reporting truthfully, to these people who had assured me they would be the therapist’s ally. They are liars. The first lady who took my report was very understanding and nice, but the main supervisor was brusque, rude, insensitive, and acted like it was my fault, even though in word and action I had told this customer of theirs to please treat me with respect, to behave and stop his disrespectful behavior (like I should have to even say that to someone sane, right?) . The good thing is that this sex assault offender, Marc N., from the *Fire Dept* (yes, he is a fireman, a trusted public official). last I knew, working in the city of Orange, Orange County, CA, is banned from their business. That’s great. It really is. But he will just target others in other massage venues and deceitfully manipulate other females to serve his own selfish needs. He needs to get straight within himself to fill the emotional void and not abuse others, like me who trusted him, gave him a chance to behave after an oh-so-sincere and genuine apology on his part (“I shouldn’t have done that, don’t know what I was thinking”), only to have him abuse that fragile privilege of trust, and for him in whom the public trust him in his position. I did report him to the sheriff, and I do believe they took action. In a court case, he said/she said rarely works out, and the abuser knows this, so it is a big loss to the victim, and a bigger lesson to me to never trust anyone even if they apologize, and never trust a public official ever again. He knew I am not supposed to fight or harm a customer, much less that I would because a massage therapist’s character is not combative. We obviously have no defense of any sort in the room unless we want to throw a trash can or a hot wet towel, and that’s provided we are even able to, because if held against our will, we cannot leave like we want to. He did this. Having been in massage for close to 15 years, if I tell a person to behave, they would; what was wrong with this man who did what he wanted selfishly against my will, my words, my actions of pushing him away? He is a true offender. He just wanted to push the envelope and I did not let him just get away with it, I took action to report to M.E., and the sheriff. Why he could not behave is because he is a dangerous person. I was the unlucky one who got him. As for M.E., I am ashamed of their lack of sensitivity, compassion, understanding, and that they are so out of touch not only with the psychology of shock to the victim, but also with how busy a schedule can be if booked back to back, that they do not understand that their rule of “immediate” is not always possible. They will block themselves in with their own laws and alienate customers and therapists alike. And my anger to be treated like trash…, cut off at the feet and the knees, from *their* client, just as much as from *them*. That’s all I was to this person. The equivalent of a thing to be used, a sex object. And by M.E., another employee to throw away. This is beyond unspeakably wrong. Anyone less strong mentally would take themselves out to the desert and shoot themselves. Other minor issues: No pay for deep tissue work; they keep late hours; they do not always have a manager on duty, and they are supposed to. This is unlawful, just as much as their decision was a severe wrong to my soul. They will use the therapist to suit their needs and discard the therapist for doing not only what is right, but maybe just being in the presence of the wrong person who was doing something wrong and you were supposed to report them behind their back. They make you fear anything, like they are a mafia. This is abuse and an insult to people’s intelligence. Stay away. They have their karma coming to them. Don’t be part of it.

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  • Talaon

    This seems to be a common issue. I had a client that was a sexual predator. I reported him during the session. Yet they booked him with me again. I went back in the notes and found that he had been doing this for 4 YEARS! Other therapists refused to work on him even. They booked him with me 5 more times. I reported hum to the clinic admin each time telling her that I wasn’t comfortable working on this man. I was told that I needed to do my job. The last time they booked him with me, i walked into the CAs office and told her that if she made me work on this man again, I was going to report her to the health board and walk at that moment. After 4 years of this man terrorizing therapists, finally he was black listed from every clinic in the country.