Terminal Cancer and No Cancellation!

The following email was sent to Massage Envy today.
Please be advised that in speaking your Arlington Highlands manager today about the charge of $59.99 made to my credit card for a membership which was cancelled back in December, I found no sympathy or help. Despite my having provided the attached diagnoses from my doctors office and filled out the paperwork in person at the Highlands location back in December she says she has nothing that says I cannot continue to have massages that my membership was simply waived for 3 months! When I asked her if she thought my diagnoses had changed her response was “miracles do happen”. While I am unable to locate Mr. Manley’s response (I believe he may have called me directly by phone), he authorized my giving away my unused massages with an expiration date of 3/15/15. These certificates were issued to friends and family back in December by the Highlands location and it was my understanding that my membership was terminated per my request at that time. My stage IV breast cancer is inoperable, has metastasized to my bones. I am unable to lay on my stomach (I had previously asked if you had chair massages). Now after 3 months of no charges you are once again charging me. How hard can it be to admit a mistake has been made and credit the charge? I maintained my membership for the 1 year requirement Your soonest response is required. I will be informing my credit card company not to honor any further charges and will consult with my attorney if necessary.

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  • JBantau

    This is ridiculous as a former Massage envy therapists ( trust me it’s just as bad if you work there) it’s in your contact that if you have a medical reason with doctors note they have to terminate your contract