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Help us get the word out and let Massage Envy know that their deceptive sales practices and unethical business policies have not gone unnoticed! Here are some suggestions for making an impact.

Contact Massage Envy Directly (updated 1/13/15)

Massage Envy Corporate Contact Information:

  • Corporate Office Phone: 480-366-4100
  • Corporate Office Fax: 480-366-4200
  • IT Help Desk Support: 480-366-4159
  • Corporate Office Address:
    • 14350 North 87th Street
    • Suite 200
    • Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Massage Envy Corporate Officers/Management:

  • Public Relations Director: Karen Sung – ksung@massageenvy.com
  • President/CEO: David Crisalli – dcrisalli@massageenvy.com
  • COO: Joseph Luongo – jluongo@massageenvy.com
  • CFO: Gregory Esgar – gesgar@massageenvy.com
  • General Counsel: Melanie Hansen – mhansen@massageenvy.com
  • Chief Information Officer: Daniel Miller – dmiller@massageenvy.com
    • Researching replacement
  • Chief Learning Officer: Andrea Rivera – arivera@massageenvy.com
  • Chief Marketing Officer: Susan Boresow – sboresow@massageenvy.com
  • Chief Brand Officer: Debbie Gonzalez – dgonzalez@massageenvy.com
  • VP Operations: Aaron Meyers – ameyers@massageenvy.com
  • VP Franchise Development: James Copley – jcopley@massageenvy.com
  • VP Supply Chain: Peter Rudenberg – prudenberg@massageenvy.com
  • VP Ind Relations & Product Dev: Cynthia Funk – cfunk@massageenvy.com
  • VP Product Knowledge: Margie Carithers – mcarithers@massageenvy.com
    • Researching replacement
  • VP HR: Rachel Austin – raustin@massageenvy.com
  • VP Retail and Merchandising: Sheila Ullery – sullery@massageenvy.com
  • Director of Brand Continuity: Dawn Weiss – dweiss@massageenvy.com
    • Researching replacement
  • National Director Franchise Sales: Lori Merrall – lmerrall@massageenvy.com
  • IT Director: Ronald SirCar – rsircar@massageenvy.com
  • Director of Operations Support – Robert Fish – rfish@massageenvy.com

*This contact information is obtained from the most recent publicly available data we could locate on the internet. We will monitor and update this information as frequent as possible. If you find inaccurate information or have additional information to contribute, please contact us.

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  • Theiavicki

    The list transcends far beyond deceptive sales practices and unethical business issues. I have experienced nothing but poor customer service, rude management and the list could go on if I had the time.

  • Guest

    Your list is a bit out of date. David Humphry was fired as he was a big jerk and nobody on the staff liked him.

  • massageenvyblows

    Thanks for sharing that David Humphry is no longer with Massage Envy. We will do some research and try to update this list.

    • reed

      It’s too bad that ya’ll are posting “Corporate’s info”. They are not a corporate, but a franchise support center. They will redirect you back to the clinic you’re having an issue with. Get a life.

  • Lala11

    They are getting away with murder they need to be shut down!!! They are scam artists and thieves!!! They mislead you by telling you the contract is for 1 year then continue charging you every month, even if your contract is over and you have cancelled it. I have gone to cancel IN PERSON twice and im still getting charged for services i dont want, or use! Once you sign a contract you can NEVER get out!!

    • Misstwj2000

      Wow this is currently happening to me. I cancelled in February of This year, and have been getting charged every since. At first it was stated that I would have to get charged one more month in order for this to be totally cancelled. So i agreed to get the payment deducted in March. Then in April I got another charge, called and then they said Ohhhhh we told you wrong you have to be charged two more months, and this the other person should have told you that in March and April you would be charged. I got YET ANOTHER CHARGE In May, same thing, getting the run around. June they didn’t charge me, so i thought this nightmare was finally over and LOW AND BEHOLD today i have YET ANOTHER CHARGE. I have been scammed out of over 200.00 and something is going to give TODAY

      • jmitterii2 .

        You should go blow their brains out.

        • nancy

          oh yeah, that’ll solve the problem asshole.


        there is a class action suit. Look it up.

      • Jolie Augustine

        This happened with my mom who passed away. They kept charging her card for over a year. I am waiting to hear back from the manager. She says it will take time to get this resolved. I tried calling corp. offices but no one answers. How did you get your money back?

      • nancy

        I would’ve cancelled that card. I would’ve cancelled that card when I wanted my membership cancelled and they gave me shit the first time. PEOPLE!!! Take matters into your own hands. I would’ve never allowed my card to be used after I told them TWICE ..Fool you once shame on them, but fool you repeatedly…dude…straighten that shit out.

    • TeeCee926

      your credit card company can put a permanent block on them.

      • Jimson

        My American Express card will put a block on bad merchants who make unauthorized charges. But be warned, occasionally a merchant can get around the block, so if that happens, you need to have your card company issue a new card, with a new card number to you.

    • Jimson

      Can you put a block on your credit card so they can no longer charge you? If I have to cancel, I guess I will have to do it in person and make someone there sign the cancellation so I have proof. Then block them on my credit card.

  • Meattenderizer1

    I am currently employed by massage envy, and i have to agree IT BLOWS! the owner of this franchise at the concord/clayton location in california, just does not care about his employees. To begin with our paychecks BOUNCE!!! I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me…so embarrassing to have my paycheck handed back to me by the teller, because of insufficient funds, so frustrating to have late fees on my bills because i have to wait for the owner to come up with the money to pay me! So much is happening in that office to the employees it’s unreal…. and just to let everyone know out there…the therapist don’t get paid what you as a client pays monthly….we make minimum wage….yes minimum wage…we went to school…paid thousands to learn our craft and we come out making minimum wage…i think i’m better off at mcdonalds!
    and when the client doesn’t show up…they charge them, but don’t give the therapist a penny of it!!!!!!!!! NOTHING!
    And now….
    their new tactic at getting us to work more and pay less is by not paying us at all…. now they have the front desk girls, clocking us in and out at their convenience… we have to come in 15 to 30 minutes early to get ready for the client, but front desk wont clock us in until that hour the client is due for their massage…. there goes 15 to 30 minutes of free work…. we have to do laundry between clients, that leaves lunch and after work… well front desk clocks us out for lunch at the end of our shift…ONE FULL HOUR even though, we’ve only had a 20 or 30 minute lunch because of all the work we are mandated to do. The last massage of the day… the front desk will clock us out as soon as the client leaves even though we still have to clean the room, collect the dirty laundry empty the trash cans, clean the towel warmers, get the dirty laundry in the wash…another 15 to 30 minutes of work done for FREE! all this so the owner gets a better rate for HIS insurance and for HIS family’s insurance…while most of us go with out insurance because he does NOT want to pay….
    had i known working for this company was going to cause so much pain, i would have never applied…yes, i am looking for new employment….i’m researching each company as i look…sad to say most if not all “spa” out there work exactly the same way … with the same pay… start my own business you say.. YES i have thought and wanted to do that…but it takes money to make money…and when you’re not getting paid what your job is worth, it burns those dreams of starting your own business..just that…a dream … that seems will never come true

    extremely dissapointed and upset

    • Imapestaroo2

      Did you ever go to the labor board?

    • Shrew66

      Form a Union

    • The Big Apple

      Hi I am currently employed here and have the same thing going do You Still work here?

    • Biased Views

      I work at a Massage Envy with MT’s that have worked here since 2006. Tell me they don’t like. They are pampered and LOVE it here. So everyone needs to understand ITS A FRANCHISE and every owner is different. That’s why ME gives the most massages across the nation…BECAUSE THEY ALL SUCK!! (sarcasm)

      PPS- They make 25 per client and get tips..

      • SwtArial21

        Again all Massage Envy’s are a franchise so not all employers start at that rate. The ME that I worked at we start at 15 per hour massage, not per hour! So only if I’m booked I get paid. Plus tips (tips get taxed if on CC) and we also have NO benefits!

      • nancy

        AGREED!!! I work at an ME in Florida for the past 6 years. Most of my co-workers have been there as long if not longer. Very little employee turnover. I LOVE my job and my clients. I average 28-35 an hour depending on tip. It’s great pay considering I only went to school for 6 months. I made 53,000 last year which is more than some people make with a 4 year degree. I am not complaining. This is a stress free job! At least where I work anyway.

    • nancy

      wow. Sounds like your owner certainly does suck!! I work at a ME in Florida and we are treated extremely well and make way more than minimum wage. We don’t have to do any side work, just focus on our clients. I hate to hear how other owners can be. And owners like him give the rest of the franchise a bad name. I’ve never had an issue. I certainly hope you find another job and quickly. It sucks to have to work someplace that makes you miserable!! And SHAME on that owner. WE WORK HARD!!

  • Meattenderizer1

    FYI: some information you might find helpfull in updating the list of emails you have supplied your readers…

    just sent a letter of complaint regarding my situation with M.E. to all the email addresses above and the following address seem to be out of commission:

    Remote host said: 550 5.7.1 : Relay access denied. [RCPT_TO]

    Remote host said: 550 5.7.1 : Relay access denied. [RCPT_TO]

    >>> dbennewitz.massageenvy.com@massageenvy.usa.net (after RCPT TO): 551 … User not local

    • mhayes124

      David Humphrey took his package and ran from Message Envy at least a year and a half ago. Dave Crisalli appears to be the CEO now, but he may have run from this disaster as well

  • Imapestaroo2

    Oh my goodness, the customer service it the WORST!

  • Kevin Jeanes

    I do not want to be a member of massage envy. I have never had a good massage there. One of my last appointments my therapist walked in with a bag of fast food and made me 30 minutes late for my appointment. She blamed it on traffic. I asked today to just cancel my membership and instead they told me I had to pay $49 or they were going to send me collections.

    • reed

      You don’t like it, Kevin… yet you signed up for a membership? Try another Massage Envy if you don’t like that one, there’s many others.. .obviously.

  • Sweetroselynn

    I was injured at massage envy and was ignored when wanting to file a complaint. They continue to deduct money from my account even though I refuse to schedule more appointments. Their only “apology” was a free massage. They do not care if their employees injury a client nor do they care about their employees acting as medical professionals and diagnosing issues. As a small business owner, these franchise and business is nothing but a scham!! Pathetic!

    • MERobot

      As a recent employee of ME, I echo your concerns about performing massages that can be harmful. I can tell you that at my clinic we have been bullied into doing things we have been taught are contraindicated because all they care about is the sale. This is with half a dozen other people saying its wrong. One of the problems is that massage therapists here are required to carry their own malpractice insurance, so they don’t even care if they get in trouble because its the therapist who will ultimatelybe held responsible and lose their license if it gets to that. However, I must warn you that massage therapists are not doctors and are not allowed to diagnose any condition by law. We are, however, taught what we can and cannot safely do and if we aren’t sure, to err on the side of caution. I don’t know what happened to you, of course, but if you aren’t sour on massage therapy as I whole, I would suggest you NOT go to a franchise or an organized “massage mill” such as ME. We are given NO time to properly assess a person’s situation due to the pressure to cram the most in we can and move on. I also suggest to research your therapist. Get recommendations. Check whether they went to school or whether they need to be licensed or certified to practice certain styles of massage. Most people don’t know that in our state, you don’t have to have education or a license to practice “relaxation” massage–of course who is to say what is relaxing. Also, SPEAK UP during your massage if you don’t like the pressure or are otherwise uncomfortable. You have that right and we don’t read minds. Good luck, my friend.

  • mhayes124

    Can only echo Theiavicki. Tried to transfer extra massage to my mother (as company policy allows). When we arrived I realized that my 86 year old mother with limited income would have to sit through a sales pitch after the massage. This was in order to use a massage I had paid for and after I paid another $10 to transfer the massage to her. When I said that I had not been told of this additional requirement and would not permit my mother to be put through this, they charged my acct for the massages anyway. When I tried to cancel my membership I was told I could do that only if I filled out the paperwork at the office (while my mother waited in the car for them to pressure me to keep my membership) This is not a business interested in massages. It is a business interested in locking people into never ending monthly payments

  • Heather Flynn

    I recently wrote about the horrible owner & mgr@ Massage Envy in CH, NJ. David Humphrey is not CEO. Illegal issues should go to an atty first then to Jeffrey Frankel-Chief Legal Officer @ 480-366-4125 to let him know you’re suing so he can sweat it out-don’t give him a head’s up-he’s not on your side! However, Susan Landgraf may be helpful @ slandgraf@massageenvy.com. Therapists there are great, but owner, Nancy, mgr, Jenn, desk girls-Toniann & Kelsey will all lie to you about everything & anything. Illegal activities I complained to the state Board about will be handled soon so don’t be surprised if they are shut down! I’m going full force hitting them from every angle-legally speaking-cause they need to be punished for their harassment & illegal activities. To my girls there-hang tough I got your six!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/54YQLA5PFQJDFOSJNOMU2FKD2M marla

    My son purchased me a gift card for my birthday via the email card and put in .com for the email instead of .net, the person at the Rowlett Texas store was less than helpful and rude to him. I called to see what we could do and she hung up on me. Her name is Maria and she needs to take some customer service classes. I said nothing negative to her only asked her what we could do to solve this problem my son bought me a 75.00 gift card and to us that is a lot of money. She said there is nothing they could do. Rude!!!!!

  • sam

    I love how every time I call them nobody is there to take the phone call. This place has done nothing to help me when I really needed to cancel my membership due to the fact I had lost my job and on top of the mu husband has spine issues and cannot receive any more massages which could cause more harm, did I get help? Nope.

    Thanks looks like my account will be more negative.

    This company needs better customer service in my opinion.

  • michael

    I went to this location about July 1st hoping to get a relaxing massage,boy was I disappointed. What I received was bruising that was up and down my whole back and neck. The Bruising could be seen for 4 days, although I had asked the masseuse to ease up ,it was an uncomfortable hour. the next day my back felt sore and after looking in a mirror ,I photographed the bruising and saved it . called Brian the manager wanting him to return the 49.00 introduction fee to the debit card,they truly did not deserve to be paid and he wanted to give me a gift certificate for another massage. I will not be going back and did not want a gift card for another visit. They have not returned my call to return my money,I don’t believe they should be paid for a poor massage. they tell you they will get back to you and they don’t,this has been going on for a month.The other manager that did not help me was Joni Torres, also she seem to find pleasure in know there was nothing I could do. They called again today to offer the gift card..

  • Peggy

    I will never go here again, I had a facial done on Saturday 01/18/14(Laurie) at UP Mall and now have a rash around my eyes. I tried to ask how to treat it and was treated very rude by Alice Bisgaard who is the owner. Very unprofessional and incompetent. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!!!!

  • john

    I work at a location and they had an estitician do a massage once because the massage therapist that was booked to do the massage had been incorrectly put on the schedule. so they bullied a estitician (person who does facials and is not legally allowed to do massage.) perform a massage on an unsuspecting client.

  • Eben Piazza

    Complaints can be also submitted for free at GripeO.com!

  • meegyn

    I called a location in Midland Texas just a few minutes ago.
    Nobody actually formerly answered the phone, I heard shuffling and a “oh” and
    was placed on hold for 5 minutes, when they came to the phone I said I was
    looking to make an appointment Saturday and the man said we are all booked that
    day. I said oh ok thank you and I heard a click. That was it…. Come to find out
    my co-worker had called because she thought she wanted a massage too, they
    offered to put her on a wait list etc and were very pleasant to her. Why would employees act that way and be choosey on customers? He even had no
    phone etiquette at all. What a nice introduction for someone wanting to come
    for a first time don’t you think?

  • Sam

    Thank you for this information and will send the plethora of people above my barrage of complaints as also will the BBB. I sent my daughter in for a one-hour massage and she came out with a one-year membership unbeknownst to her. My daughter stated she was very verbal about not wanting to make another appt at that time despite the barrage of sales pitches from two people. Even though she should have read what she was signing, we feel they used some unethical business practices in an effort to obtain the signature like telling her the paperwork she was signing was relative to the massage she had already had. They took advantage of a young naive student. I dealt with an unprofessional manager named Amy (who declined to offer a last name) who stated I needed to teach my daughter such lessons. I informed her they did not have authorization to charge my card for future services not received. She finally consented to cancel the membership but would not credit a recent charge for the first month. I told her I would file a dispute with my card company, a complaint with corporate and the BBB and inflict a barrage of negative comments on the Internet and social media. She promised to call back within 48hrs and never did. I told her she had one week to provide the credit or I would proceed with all the above. If she loses even one membership because of my comments, she will have lost 12x’s the amount she could have credited ($59.99) times the number of all the memberships of all the people who choose to take their business elsewhere. There are simply too many other choices in Pensacola to tolerate such unfair and unethical business practices. They are located on N Davis Hwy and I highly recommend steering clear lest you fall victim yourself. Let the emails begin and the chips fall where they may.

    • Jimson

      If your daughter under age 18, contracts with minors are not legal and can be voided at any time.

  • maria

    My daughter gave me coupon to try massage envy for free. After the massageI was asked to sign the 1 year contract. I asked if I can charge it to my FLEX account, otherwise I wasn’t going to. The staff said yes, and so I did. The following day, I called the manager just to confirm and she said I couldn’t and so I told her I didn’t want to sign up. Can’t remember exact conversation but I remember she was very rude I said that I already signed the contract and can not cancel it. A year later I got a bill from massage envy for almost $800. With the help if a lawyer friend, we sent them a letter explaining what happened and that I refused to pay the bill. Never heard from them until a week ago when I got a court order asking me to pay $2000. Letter said, failure to defend or answer complaint that judge decided against me. I was never aware that there was such a trial, otherwise I would have appeared. I am very mad and I want to sue massage envy! In the meantime, I have to pay the $2000 which includes their attorney’s fee.

    • Jimson

      Most states allow someone a few days to cancel a contract after they signed it. This manager should have known that.

  • JDL

    I sent this letter to their general counsel last week and received no response. These people are complete morons. My wife cancelled her membership and had Amex deny payment for the giftcard.
    The best recourse is vote with your feet and watch them go bankrupt.
    Hi Melanie.

    This past Super Bowl Sunday I was
    denied service at your Miami, Florida store on SW 8th Street, because I had
    been successfully treated with radiation treatment for prostate cancer in
    October and November of 2014.

    This was done mindlessly by the
    employee doing the welcoming at the front desk for the day. She didn’t want to
    disturb the store manager on her day off by calling her and asking her if the
    massage therapist was correct when she said there was no danger.

    Could you please call me to discuss
    this? There are two issues.

    First, and of course most important-
    I was treated with complete lack of consideration and badly inconvenienced. Do
    you even care?

    Second- your policy which is
    obviously intended to protect your company from serious liabilities, is being
    applied stupidly- moronically, and will do your brand long term damage if
    somebody like me decides to make a federal case out of it. Even if your
    franchise employees are not likely to publish an appendage to Stephen
    Hawkwing’s theories anytime soon, they are still capable of applying a more
    sensible, less discriminatory and less offensive cancer policy than they
    currently do. That will have to come from your department.


  • Ralph Epifanio

    Try Elements Massage. Also membership based but no long term contract. Can share membership. Many other advantages. Check it and see!


      no don’t try elements. all of these franchises treat their therapists like crap.

      • Biased Views

        That’s funny. I work at a Massage Envy with MT’s that have worked here since 2006. Tell me they don’t like. They are pampered and LOVE it here. So everyone needs to understand ITS A FRANCHISE and every owner is different. That’s why ME gives the most massages across the nation…BECAUSE THEY ALL SUCK!! (sarcasm)

  • unhappy

    Massage Envy on Dorchester Rd in summerville SC messed up my bill date wont refund me now i have overdraft account and I’m screwed. When I called the lady was very rude and was of absolutely no help. Now a $59.99 charge is gonna cost me over $100. For such a wide spread company there customer service is crappy. Not to mention the last time I went in for a massage she messed up my shoulder for 3 days! and smacked gum the whole time. The blankets were not warmed up and the room was freezing. I also cannot cancel my membership for 11 months and they will continue to charge me. well i fixed their wagon called my bank and had them stop all incoming payment from Massage Envy. Until I get a refund and some compensation they won’t get a dime from me.

  • sig

    After being a member for a year I gave my husband a gift certificate for a massage with the therapist I see. He mentioned I was having chemo for Multiple Sclerosis. When I went in for my massage the therapist said it was against company policy to give massages to people having chemo because we are so fragile. I was dumbstruck since chemo actually improves health in MS patients which I made clear to her. She was condescsnding as hell and acted as if she was doing me a big favor for allowing me to cancel my membership. My husband went to speak with the manager and she said it was not their policy regarding chemo clients, the therapist should have come to her and she had never heard of the Americans with Disabilities Act. She did not seem knowledgeable about any policies actually. I am filing a. comaint with the state ADA office and trying to find out if Massage Envy has such a policy. It is not in any of the paperwork I received. Also, if it was just a call by the therapist I am going to the state licensing agency.

    • Natasha

      The therapist should have let you know in a nice way that she won’t perform the massage due to the fact that you are in chemotherapy. I don’t think it’s a policy per say but she’s putting yourself and her license at risk should you have any symptoms after the massage. She should have asked you for your oncologist’s permission to receive massages and what she can or cannot do.

  • sig

    PS. Good luck calling their corporate numbers. Customer service voicemail won’t take any more messages and general mailbox is not operational.

  • Rebecca Walters Jwj

    Massage Envy Maumee, Ohio ..has no loyalty to even long-term customers. I tried to schedule using up some of my 3.5 hours of massage, but for some reason the assistant manager refused to even schedule until I updated my credit card information. Since my card had not expired, I do not know why the credit card snafu even occurred. I did not have my card on me that second, but offered to phone back immediately if she could just let me know IF there were any openings. After all, I DID have 3.5 hours already paid for!

    She refused to even discuss openings without the updated credit card information. She said my 3.5 hours were NOT useable without the updated credit card information. Clearly this was about money—and my years of excellent payments and customer loyalty (4 years), plus getting my Mother to join, meant nothing unless I had a valid credit card that exact second.

    This is my second run-in with them. The last time was over a cancellation and rebooking when my young daughter came down with strep-throat. Any other business would have seen me as a valued, loyal customer. I had NEVER cancelled an appointment before.

    So….As of this morning, both my mother and I canceled our memberships. I now have 60 days to use my credits. I plan to find a local massage therapist.

  • Kris

    I am truly disheartened by reading these statements. I can first of all tell you, not all locations are the same and are FRANCHISE owned. To touch on another complaint-If the therapists are TRULY treated so horribly, than why work there? No one is forcing you to stay employed with them, my and our sister location have therapists who have worked for us for 5 years + (Going back to the date we opened our doors). This company does the best it can to take care of it’s MT’s while still providing a therapeutic service to the community at a fair price (So no one is getting rich off this, but it is SUPPOSED to be about helping people).
    As to the comments about requesting to cancel and not being cancelled-If you came in in person and filled out the cancellation form and were still getting charged call and speak to management or go to the website and leave a “comment” which everyone including corporate has access to and get a refund. Mistakes happen, we are human but if my people did not cancel someone that they should have than we issue a refund immediately.
    We are a membership based organization, to think your going to come in and get no pitch what so ever is silly. Our membership is mirrored of most memberships in the nation (Gym, tanning and so on). There is always an “initial term” and than you have the option (first line of the contract that YOU initial) to not go on “auto-renew” (which is on a monthly basis, our customers like this because they can cancel at any time and are not held to any term at that point). Our membership is actually better than most because if you miss a month at the gym, Do you get a refund? Do you get anything at all? No, your just out that money where as ME allows your credits to continue to “roll over” every month as long as your a current and active member (meaning your not suspended or cancelled). MOST clinics will work with you on this if your not on auto renew and need more time to use services, however this is a clinic by clinic situation.
    To touch on the “law-suit”, that has nothing to do with the locations. We are specifically told to direct any questions to the website because other than the ONE location that it happened in, none of us actually know the circumstances or details of the original issue or how it will resolve. We in no way are trying to be rude when we direct you to the website but it is the best and most informative way to get our clients the information they require.
    For those who have LEGITIMATE complaints, I am truly sorry. I have worked for this company for 3 years and hope to continue to do so for many more years. I love seeing the help we bring to our clients and creating relationships with everyone of my 1200 members. I (And my team) take passion in what we do and care about taking care of our clients while following set policies. Will we ever make EVERYONE happy no, but we do our best.
    Corporate is changing standards that will raise the overall “bar” for Franchise owners. The ones that do not take care of their location or their employees are being weeded out so that we can have a standard nationwide of how to take care of our clients.
    For the ones who think you got “duped” I am still sorry, however our membership agreement is barely one page with 5 points (each point is 1-2 sentences) that YOU initial, honestly look up membership agreements and ours is not only fairly simple but you get more benefit than most.
    I hope each of you give Massage Envy an opportunity to show you a better experience than what you have.

    • Terry Houck

      This is NOT like a gym membership! There you have access to facilities for all hours of operation some including classes, equipment, pools, etc. Here it is a “Membership” to provide a 1 hour massage – fixed – per “membership” payment – they have a 1 time use and value, but can be exchanged toward other offered services for an additional cost – ie exchange for a facial for a $10 additional fee. This is not a gym – this is for a specific service – I honored the 1 year contract, and even accepted the additional month I was “auto – renewed” because I initialed it – what I don’t understand is why they won’t allow anyone I choose to use my paid service (don’t even have an issue with the additional $10 fee) but once for that person every 6 months. That is absolute bull. If I buy and pay for say 10 movie tickets or commit to buy 1 ticket per month, that ticket is mine to use as I want – it only admits 1, I can’t get any more value from it no matter whom I would give it too, are they so threatened or money hungry that they have to rope customers with these tactics instead of making a customer happy and want to consider them for business in the future. I’m so poisoned against them because of their manager, I don’t even want to go back there! If they had been decent to me, and allowed my daughter to use my massages, even with the extra fee, after she was done with mine, she was going to sign up because she liked them. But not now. The manager was rude to her after her massage last night & it triggered a migraine. I went over there and she was rude and patronizing to me, not a manager, a child with a title – that has reached her capacity in life that can only recite the contract, not how to please a customer. They blow.

  • jocelyn

    Feel the same way I work for a massage envy that the manager does not care. I cannot believe massage envy corporate will allow this. She never answers her phone calls when we need her. She rolls her eyes at her employees. Very disorgabized!! I could do her job better but yet in in the massage field. Its a shame!! Sorry we have to go through these differences.

  • Chris

    Wow I am absolutely appalled by MASSAGE ENVY! My husband and friend got me a “The Works” gift card for my birthday last November, WHICH DOESN’T INCLUDE GRATUITIES, I was just advised. I have called numerous times to 2 different stores to schedule and they never have a slot. Today I try again and to reserve a spot, I must give them my Credit Card Number. Refusing to do so, they state I will be bumped if someone calls for it. I say I will take my chances. She asks me to hold and returns stating she can’t reserve it without a credit card….LMAO, really? WTF is wrong with these people? $75 gift card, and refusal to accept it without a credit card on file. UMMMM…. Nope, sorry…your trying entirely too hard to get my CC number. 2 different stores and so far the experience has been horrible and I haven’t even made it in the door yet…. WOWWWW WTF

    • Natasha

      The reason they ask for a credit card is because if you don’t show up or cancel at the last minute, the therapist doesn’t get paid at all. What people don’t know is that they pay the therapist per massage. If the therapist goes to work that day and there’s no one scheduled for them, they don’t get paid for the day at all or get paid minimum state wage.

      Massage Envy offers franchises so to say that ALL ME are the same is not right. What people aren’t aware is that if you don’t like the clinic in that location, you can go to another and pay for a transfer fee. It’s not that hard and they should honor that request. One thing they tell you is that you can access ALL Massage Envy locations NATIONWIDE.

  • Cole Chamberlain

    This is my story with them. Very deceptive business practices -> https://gist.github.com/cchamberlain/d0095982861a94e862bc

  • slaaa555

    Its a horrible place! When I signed up for the membership I had a different job, I mean that was six months ago life happens! Now I’m making less money and working two jobs paying for my car and helping raise my siblings and when I tried to cancel my membership all I got was lame voice mail or a lame excuse they are taking all my money and its ridiculous I don’t even have time to use it! How can I get out of this nightmare

  • Victoria

    Upon arriving Saturday for what we thought was our session time at Casa Linda, Dallas, the receptionist said that our appointments were actually made for the previous Tuesday [two hours after I booked the session when I am in fact at work], that we had missed our appointment, that our credit card had been charged the full $160 for the two sessions, and that her manager, Cynthia Oak wouldn’t be available until Monday to discuss the issue.

    As we both work full-time salary jobs 8am – 6pm Monday thru Friday, of course it came as a surprise to us that we had booked an appointment for the middle of the day, in the middle of the week. Regardless, Cynthia said that a recording of me booking the appointment shows that it was for last Tuesday.

    Apparently the recording captures the receptionist saying “okay, see you later today then!” at the end of the phone call, with no response (at that point I had probably already said thank you and signed off). The recording doesn’t capture the beginning of the conversation, when I said, “Hi, I need to book a session for this Saturday.”

    Also, we weren’t called when we didn’t show up for our session because the receptionist wrote down the wrong phone number.

    It was only a minor disappointment to have missed our session, but the subsequent “that’s your problem – we really don’t give a sh-t” treatment is disgraceful.

    I understand that Massage Envy can’t grow its brand by issuing refunds every time there’s a dispute, and I’m sure there’s been attempts by some customers to get a free ride even when their session went perfectly. Regardless, forcing repeat customers to pay for sessions they never booked or attended is unfair.

    I suggest everybody slams them on social media – most franchises have separate Facebook pages and you can also write negative comments on the main page: https://www.facebook.com/MassageEnvy/?fref=ts. There is also a Twitter account.

  • fmsamos

    David Crisalli is no longer the CEO.

  • Greg A.


    • Terry Houck

      You are so right, rude, rude, rude and patronizing. Poisonous business model.

  • Mercy Sinclair

    This is the biggest racket of a business and I have reported them to the Better Business Bureau. Their deceptive practices should be investigated and they should be shut down. The East Providence, RI location is run by a sociopath named Cassandra DeGeorge who deliberately lied to me about my options for cancellation. When my membership was up on May 15th, they enrolled me for another year membership without my authorization (not a month-to-month which is their usual deceptive practice–they actually enrolled me for another year and said I would have to wait out the full year to leave my membership.) Remember people, you are on the hook for over $700 once you sign that “contract.” They lie outright about “gifting” a massage to someone–you have to pay $10.00 in order to do so, and even at that, the gift is typically not honored if it is brought to a place other than your “home” spa. I could go on and on but you can see the number of comments here that say the same thing over and over. And besides, their massages suck–probably because they can’t get a professional masseuse at the slave wages they pay them. A TOTAL RACKET any way you look at it.

  • Janice Cardona

    i tried emailing some of the ppl you have listed. Emails are coming back. All wrong.

  • Jessica Pagán

    When an a location first opened I had a massage there and was told about how great the membership program was and how easy it is to freeze your account etc. Well after having issues with my credit card and bank I found out that my payment had not gone through for 4 months. When I found this out after looking online and seeing that I did not have a membership I called to make a payment. I wanted to make sure that I did not lose any massages that I had accrued and asked about it. I was told multiple times that someone would get back to me about it and no one ever did until I called multiple times in one day. I was then told that I had to pay for every single month I had missed in order to activate my account and if I didn’t pay within a month my account would be canceled and I would lose everything I had accrued. This was the first time I had ever been told this and I was shocked that I had to drop hundreds of dollars or lose hundreds of dollars in massages. After speaking to the manager her excuse was “the management at the time was not very good” and her only compromise was for me to make one payment and lose three massages I had accrued (mind you I hadn’t accrued any during the time that my account was suspended nor could I or did I use any services). It is not my fault or my problem that the past management was “not very good” and I am losing hundreds over something that I had no knowledge of.

  • CommonCents

    anyone have new email addresses? many came back undeliverable.

    rejected email addresses

  • Diane Bolton Wilson

    I have no issues with service. I have issues with their billing me for a membership that has been cancelled. I have been over and over and have documentation and they still blah blah blah ..I am canceling my membership now.

  • Mary Bone

    Due to their glitch yesterday I was not seen for the full 90 mins that I originally scheduled for … they needed to move my appt. from 4p to 430p and I didn’t think about it would make me late. They were to call me and tell me the glitch was resolved but no one called so I finally went in at 440p and we started about 455p . . . when we finished it was 558p! When I left they charged my card without me knowing . . . fortunately I didn’t end up overdrawn as I didn’t notice it till this morning. When I called to talk to them I was told a manager would get back to me And She Did; however, she was being unreasonable and refused to reverse the $25 charge . . . it’s bad enough I was ‘forced’ to keep my membership longer than I wanted . . . I was told at the beginning I could cancel whenever!

  • Brigette Burke

    SInce sept of last year I have been trying to cancel my membership because I was relocating and would be unemployed. when i moved, they told me that i did not live far enough away from a massage envy to cancel my membership. I AM UNEMPLOYED!!! i don’t know how much clearer that can be. Finally in Oct I received an email saying that my membership would be cancelled. i responded to that email for confirmation and no one responded. this is a massage envy in Scarsdale New York, located on central avenue. The manage Anita Perez is very unprofessional and does not take care of the customers at this establishment. i had written a review on google about this place, which i never write reviews. it seems that my review has been deleted so I wrote another one. today i wake up and massage envy has taken $70 from my account? how can they take money from my account if i am no longer a member and I also do not live in NY??? i have called corporate as well as the spa itself, no one seems to want to help anyone. DO NOT EVER BECOME A MEMBER AT MASSAGE ENVY!!!!!

  • tinamco

    WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE E-V-E-R (Cherry Creek, Denver, CO location)

    If I could give a NEGATIVE 10 STARS, I would. They do NOT pick up the phone 95% of the times that I have called to schedule an appointment. I called yesterday on 6 separate occasions and it rang to voicemail each time. This isn’t a first. For the last 2 years I’ve either not gotten my calls answered, or the phone never even goes to voicemail and just rings, or I’ve never had my voicemails returned. Each time that I’ve complained to the location I’ve been told when I finally go in that “Oh, we’re having problems with our phone system.” Two Years. Then when I talked with “Laura” the Manager today to inform her of this ongoing issue, she said, “Well we spend a lot of money on the website to make online booking available”, and “Well we picked up the phone this time so that’s proof we do answer the phone”, and Well we get 6 calls a minute so we can’t answer them all.” And when they do answer the phone, they ALWAYS sound like they’d rather be anywhere else but there talking to me. They don’t take ownership of the problem, they aren’t interested in solving it and satisfying the customer, they cannot take feedback, they are not trying to improve service, and they don’t care about the client, only the money. And MOST people still, even in the 21st century, use the phone as the primary means of contacting businesses during business hours. And if I’m driving and want to make a quick call to schedule, online booking won’t work. Who are they to blow off clients like this?? This is THE WORST location I’ve ever been to, and I’ve visited at least 3 other locations in the Denver area. DO NOT make the mistake of confusing their location with their quality of customer service: high end luxury neighborhood, but totally ghetto cheap lazy service. Period. I will be finding a new location immediately. It’s just a shame my favorite therapist, Alex, is at this location; maybe he’ll get wise to all this and leave too.