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Aug 06

Unethical and unprofessional

I signed a six month contract and learned a big mistake. I only went a few times bc I felt like the male massage therapist was inappropriate by leaving my body uncovered during parts of the massage and touching me in areas outside of the understood zones. I’ve been having professional massages for 10+ years and very familiar with what is appropriate and what is not. In addition, I have continued to be charged the monthly fee after the contract ended. I’ve called the manager several times at Howell Mill and have never received a return phone call. My credit card company is now dealing with them. Very unprofessional and unethical establishment.

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Jan 30

Sex Abuse – Billion $ Company Looking the other way

Hello .. when you worked at massage envy did you ever witness a customer making a complaint of being inappropriately touched? If so, how did management handle it? I heard from someone that the HQ tells the franchise location to not report such complaints to the board of health … do you know if this is true?

I ask b/c there was an employee there who assaulted a girl … it was reported to the police, but not the board of health. The police didn’t have enough evidence to punish criminally … but if it had been reported to board of health they could of done their own investigation and at the very least logged the complaint. This man went … Read More

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Aug 07

3 gift card scam

Told me they had a special 3 gift cards for $150 assuming the were for massages I gave them to my friends. The first one to use the card called me and said they wanted $27. More because she had been there before massage envy never told me they could only be used for new people. How is that a deal new people are always $50 anyway I told them it was unethical and a trick and I was not paying. They called the police and I became the criminal and was forced to pay or go to jail

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