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Jan 13


So after walking into Massage Envy and being asked if I wanted membership and I said NO. I paid for 3 massages in advance and used them in 1 month. I wasn’t watching my credit card bill but these fucking scam artists started charging me a membership fee for 6 months. Erin Jackson is the regional manager and she tried to asked like this is the first time this has ever happened. BULLSHIT it happens all the time. Employees are promised bonuses if their caught they will deal with it then. PS they hire sexual predictors

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Jan 13


I have been a member of Massage Envy for years. With the passage of time, I used their services less and less. I found other massage therapists that provided much higher quality service (and they actually delivered an hour massage instead of 45-50 minutes at Massage Envy). After accruing many “credits” for services I never used, I canceled my membership. Canceling is another hassle. The franchise tells me they don’t have a “procedure” to credit my account for fees that posted today. Total BS. Any vendor that accepts credit cards has the ability to credit charges back to an account holder. Yet another hassle with this company that is far more interested in billing your credit card every month that … Read More

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Jan 13

Legal Requirements For Disclosure

My sister purchased a gift massage for me and I decided I would rather use the money to purchase something else. On the receipt that they provided to my sister there is no legal disclosure that you can’t return the gift certificate. I have called and explained to them 3 time that they are breaking a consumer disclosure law and they simply say that is our policy.
So I contacted corporate and after I spoke with one person they transferred my call into a general voice mail.
I will not drop this and I am filing a complaint with consumer affairs, better business bureau and any other state organizations.
What is odd about this company is that it is simple … Read More

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Jan 13

Never work here

Ok so I was a member at Massage Envy and one day decided to apply for a job. I was called the next day to take an assessment and then after the assessment apparently indicated that I would have good “sales” skills, the manager called me, didn’t even interview me but told me I had gotten the job because of this damn survey that literally took about 1 minute. Then I was handed a page long script and told that I had 48 hours to memorize it WORD FOR WORD, which I did, even though it sounded fake as hell. I started training and I was made to pretend with the other trainees that we were greeting customers, talking on … Read More

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Jan 13


I won 12 gifts cards for a massage & 12 gifts cards for a facial .. Free of charge. Cards each say good for a 1 hr facial & 1 hr massage. I used one in August & had a facial today. When I went to check out they told me today that my charge would be $49. I said “what”? It’s supposed to be free. They said I only got it free last time because it was my first visit & after that if I didn’t become a “member” that I would have to pay the additional $49 for non members. I raised a fuss about it because I won these gift cards & they said good for a … Read More

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Jan 13

bad first experience

My husband and I scheduled our first couples massage on Dec 13th. When we show up everything is cool, we get greeted , the atmosphere was pleasant and we were embracing the moment just going with the flow, then right when its time for our session to begin, the therapist calls my name first, and I tell her oh and my husband too? She looks at me like I am wrong and says , ‘no just you” and I politely tell her No, I booked a couples massage. And she walks off mumbling ‘well it AINT gonna happen today! ” and I turn to look at my husband like , wtf did she really just say this! ” and so … Read More

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Oct 02

“1 hour + tip” gift card requires $50.00 cash for massage?

Received a gift card stating “1 hour + tip” from a dear friend. Having been listed in their evil computer network as I had been there for a massage five years ago (another gift from a friend) I was informed my “1 hour + tip” gift card would require a $50.00 cash payment in order to receive a 1 hour massage…something about it being an introductory price and since it was my first time, did not apply to me. Spoke to manager and owner who refused to honor it…SHOCKING!

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Oct 02


I just received notice they have changed the $39 to $49 as I go every 3 times month…I now want out of this contract..I was told they had to pay the employees more money…they depend on tip’s..I have been going 2006 I no longer believe in them..I received no notice as I walked in last week? Even as they told me they e-mailed me as well as a home mail…I get notices all the time about??? How did you like your massage,as well as phone calls…I heard nothing about price increase …NOT HAPPY

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Aug 06


I purchased a ME membership a little over year ago. Last fall, due to financial hardships and the fact that I rarely had time to spare for the massages, I put the membership “on hold”. During the span of the “hold” my debit card expired, then my debit card was “compromised” (thanks to Target). I was issued a new card. Several months later, someone at ME was able to obtain my NEW debit card info and began charging my account!! They charged me for 2 months at once because “allegedly” they had tried to contact me. I had no missed phone calls, messages, emails, etc. I spoke with the manager and she could not explain how she fraudulently obtained my … Read More

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