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Jan 13

bad first experience

My husband and I scheduled our first couples massage on Dec 13th. When we show up everything is cool, we get greeted , the atmosphere was pleasant and we were embracing the moment just going with the flow, then right when its time for our session to begin, the therapist calls my name first, and I tell her oh and my husband too? She looks at me like I am wrong and says , ‘no just you” and I politely tell her No, I booked a couples massage. And she walks off mumbling ‘well it AINT gonna happen today! ” and I turn to look at my husband like , wtf did she really just say this! ” and so … Read More

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Oct 02

our side

My profession is beautiful, my job makes it ugly.

My bosses are not spa professionals and are not in this industry to help anyone- guests, members, or employees. They consistently demean, devalue, and disregard the talent and service of their employees. If your client buys a membership (after a high pressure sales pitch after your service just when you’re relaxed and SO in the mood to listen to contract jargon, right?) they will not be satisfied. They will want to know why you didn’t upgrade them, or sell them products, or get them to rebook.

You are harassed about this to the point that you never feel anything is good enough and begin to doubt yourself as a gifted therapist … Read More

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Oct 31

illness w therapist

I had been employed by massage envy for 4 years in different locations, but all of them are the same as far as management and ownership. By this I mean that when a therapist is ill, they expect the therapist to still come in and if they don’t, they are reprimanded for it. I was told yesterday that I needed to work even though my nose was running so much I had a wet shirt from wiping it and could have very well dripped snot on my clients. I still went home though because clients pay enough money for the massage, they are not expecting to get sick from the therapist too!! Also, I am a single mother of one … Read More

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Oct 27

Sexually Assaulted

I went to Massage Envy for a 2 hour massage with a male therapist that I used 3-4 times. I fell asleep during the massage and when I awoke his fingers were inside me. I reported it to the police filed charges, and reported him to the state health board. The massage envy contacted me and told me that it was in my best interest to go back up there and file an incident report with them. I simply couldn’t return to the place where I was hurt. I am not saying every massage envy is bad or that every male therapist is a sexual predator. I will say that Massage Envy only seems to care about covering their butts, … Read More

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Aug 03

Exit Strategies

After a bad massage and last minute cancellation initiated by ME, I asked for contract buyout price. Technically I did not sign the contract, but I accepted the 1 year membership gift from my wife, so I believe I am obligated. I thought if I paid what the “house” would make for the remaining 9 massages they would let it go, but they refused. Now I’m looking for other exit strategies. Has anyone tried the following:

1. Arrange a massage each month but cancel the day of, but more than 2 hours before the massage. I was told this results in half the price of the massage being billed and kill that month’s obligation.

2. Make frequent reservations and reschedule … Read More

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Feb 21

Massage Envy treats it’s therapists like sh*t

If by chance you actually still go to a Massage Envy, by all means at least treat your therapist kindly. The owners of the location I work for (soon to *not* work for) treat their (licensed and highly trained) therapists like they are a dime a dozen. And will even tell the therapists this. The pay is crap, and we depend on gratuities in order to make ends meet. The owners even pick and choose who to give holiday bonuses to based on whether or not they “like” a therapists personally. Seriously, I have this I’m writing. They rip off therapists by doing shady (and often illegal) payroll practices, sick and vacation time is nonexistent, there are no medical benefits, … Read More

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Nov 19

Massage Envy Contracts are a Scam!

I lost a lot of money getting a contract with Massage Envy. I wish I had just paid the extra $10.00 would have been less than what I paid and lost. It’s not that they had bad Therapists it’s their policies. If you want and can afford A Massage just get one. Don’t sign a contract that is almost impossible to get out of. Not only that they  charge you $40.00 and only pay your therapists $14.00.  I would rather pay an independent therapist the whole amount for their work.

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Sep 30

lmt/ Former Lead Therapist

It is so rewarding to hear class action lawsuits are erupting. The owners in NANUET NY ( and newer locations and wax center owners) are 2 of the greediest & SELFISH women I have ever met. I have been Lic’d longer than anyone I worked with and the “envy” franchise is DESTROYING the standards many therapists tried so hard to uphold. The COUNTLESS LABOR LAWS THE OWNERS VIOLATE NEED TO BE EXPOSED. “fining & threatening” employees, withholding commissions, fraud in terms of salary promised, unclear paychecks.. the newest suddenly posted on checks claiming to have paid out more than $9k in pay really got me mad to say the least. All of a sudden this false representation of pay just … Read More

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Aug 29


Spend your money elsewhere! Like your friendly neighbourhood CMT/RMT/LMT!!! Support local small business and slap corporate run franchises in the face!

Massage Envy herds you in like cattle – it’s a quick turn around because the more bodies come in the more beans some corporate ‘Joe/Joanna’ can count.

The sheets are changed between clients but I know for a fact the blanket that covers you may not have been changed for days!

Don’t blame the therapists; they are treated like Lithuanian Meat packers ca. 1932 – They have maybe 2 minutes to change out the room ready for the next client. It’s worth pointing out they may do 4-5 back to back massages before they get a meal break (not … Read More

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