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May 29

Same day

They should have same-day appointments. They don’t explicitly say that they don’t have same-day appointments, but their staff won’t take appointments. I have often wondered if the staff just wants to go home earlier rather than taking additional appointments.

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Apr 05

Two Different Locations, Two different Atmospheres

I have worked at TWO Massage Envys and let me tell you THEY ALL WORK DIFFERENTLY. Clinic#1 I was there for 3 years and I loved it. The owner was friendly, management was friendly, staff was friendly, clientele was friendly.. I loved everything about it. There were ups and downs but it goes with any job.

Then, I decided to transfer to a location closer to home Clinic#2. From driving 30mins to 5mins. I was excited. Worst decision ever. From what I can tell, the owners are only money hungry. The manager is a joke. She had the audacity to scream to the therapist that we are a joke and replaceable. The staff is very negative. It is definitely not … Read More

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Feb 20


I worked at massage envy as front desk and then lead for over a year. then we got new owners, and one by one they started letting my front desk staff go. every day she would tell me “I need you to be my assistant manager…you’re safe…we’re not on a firing spree!”
then one day one of her staff printed out a critical focus about a client complaining about her massage and the front desk. I tried to take care of it, but then I got reprimanded over text message. she said I had to ask permission of the managers before doing so. before I know it, she calls me and fires me.

I am completely saddened. I cared so … Read More

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Jan 21


Back to work for ME 6 months now. Hate it. Sadly all Me’s I am finding are most likely the same. Backstabbing therapists that target other therapists that they deem as threats. Zero communication between front staff and therapist. What is happening in there is nobody is happy. The therapists are not happy because the pay is so low and they are rushed while overworked from back to back booking. The front staff are unhappy because they are making 8 dollars an hour selling contracts trying to meet their quota. Managers are unhappy because everyone else is unhappy. The breakrooms in these places are like waiting rooms in airports. Three chairs and 12 therapists on shift standing squished staring at … Read More

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Sep 10

Cancellation Request Ignored

So I’ve had an account with Massage Envy for a little over two years. The massage experiences I’ve had have been great, and my interactions with front desk staff have been fine, but the management are a bunch of criminals.

Their requirements for cancellation after your first year, which is compulsory, are that you come into your location in person and fill out a cancellation request form. Then the manager is supposed to call you, and try to convince you to stay or freeze your account. You will be charged one more time after requesting a cancellation, which is bullshit, but whatever. I filled out my form on the 8th of August, after which I was charged at my customary … Read More

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Sep 08

Didn’t Even Make it to Two Weeks!

I’ve never felt so uncomfortable at a work place before this hell hole. The girls who were supposed to be training me a acted like they came straight out of Mean Girls, except and sloppier and constantly hung over. But I decided I would grin and bear it, for the sake of having a job. Then they started making me work in the back of the spa doing laundry which was NOT what the position entailed. They had a spa back already. While working there I heard the massage therapists gossip about clients, make racist and transphobic remarks, and engage in LOTS of talk about sex. Yet the morning before my two week mark, I get called into the office … Read More

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Jul 14

Massage Envy Cheats Massage Time and Doesn’t Care

Massage Envy: West Wichita KS location. My wife and I have memberships, but lately we’ve been getting ripped off. Why is it acceptable to short people time on their Massage. I’m not talking about the 10 minutes allotted for changing, I’m talking about getting shorted on the actual “hands-on” time. I’m early for appointments and even mentioned that I wanted the full 80 minutes (for a 90 minute massage), yet today, only received 74 minutes of time with the massage therapist in the room. Look, it may not seem like much, cutting 5 or 6 minutes a time, but I’m paying for a massage… and getting shorted.

I’ve mentioned it to the front desk staff and all they say is … Read More

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Jun 27

Why I left Massage Envy

I’m a part-time MT. I moved on from Envy after working there for ten months right out of massage school. It was a great place to get started and figure out what worked for me, but I slowly became very agitated and needed to leave for the following reasons. Note, this was the experience I had at my location, and it could be different elsewhere.

1) Time between clients: Even in massage school, we had 15 minutes from walking a client out to welcoming the next client. I feel it’s borderline inhumane to give an MT 5 minutes to leave the room, let the client change, walk them out, give them a proper outtake, change the sheets, and welcome the … Read More

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Jan 16

just the worst (from a therapist)

YAH!!!.. i quit about a month ag, heard about this website a couple days ago and decided to SAVE YOU ALL FROM THE HORROR.. this place sucks.. i have been working here for a couple years .. all i get is the runaround from these people.. i have been a good, hard-working employee and this b*** katherin trubitcho… what the hell ever her name is, doesnt even do her job. shes nice to your face then talks crap about you behind your back. this is not how you run someone elses company.
they tell you over and over again you NEED to get this person to sign up.
Its a numbers game, thats all they care about. They work therapists … Read More

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Jan 07

these people suck

Worked for the company for 8 months, worked at two different locations actually. I worked front desk and the way we had to treat clients was beyond ridiculous. Had to say a three page script to every “prospect” that came in the door to get them to sign up for the membership. I personally dont find the prices fair considering you pay 59 dollars a month and only 18 of that goes to your therapist when you come in for your massage. I quit this job because they treat their staff and clients like complete crap. I would not recommend going here all they are going to do is treat you badly and beg and plead until you sign up … Read More

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