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Jan 13

do not work here

I have never been to an interview where I had to tell the hiring person about the job. They asked me, “Do you even know what this job requires?” They talked to me like I was stupid, and very disrespectful. Then they bashed Woodhouse which was so rude and inappropriate. I told them my mother was a massage therapist there and they still proceeded to bash it. I was very shocked at how unprofessional everyone looked and dressed, their style was horrible, and it was literally one of the worst interviews I have ever had. The hiring assistant should be fired because she made me very uncomfortable, and I do not reccommend anyone go to massage envy!

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Oct 10

No go

I had no idea the rates went up…as told they e-mailed me,,,tThey said they sent me a letter…I received neither have been with them 7 year’s…I was a valued customer,sometimes went 3 times a month alway’s has 2 hours as I went not for relaxing…I went as my disks and muscles needed it…and they are very good at there work…But to spend almost $125-$175 including tip is way way out of my reach…But was told the increase was to pay for the employee’s…they depend on tip’s and believe me this will fall into play…From a Loyal customer that way feels burned!!!…

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Apr 05

Two Different Locations, Two different Atmospheres

I have worked at TWO Massage Envys and let me tell you THEY ALL WORK DIFFERENTLY. Clinic#1 I was there for 3 years and I loved it. The owner was friendly, management was friendly, staff was friendly, clientele was friendly.. I loved everything about it. There were ups and downs but it goes with any job.

Then, I decided to transfer to a location closer to home Clinic#2. From driving 30mins to 5mins. I was excited. Worst decision ever. From what I can tell, the owners are only money hungry. The manager is a joke. She had the audacity to scream to the therapist that we are a joke and replaceable. The staff is very negative. It is definitely not … Read More

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Dec 28

Frog Position

I am glad to see I was not the only one out there feeling like they had done me wrong. I went in there needing some relief but not in that way.

He straddled me on top and said it was therapy. I was shocked and said I do not think so. His hands were so rough I thought he had gloves on. It turned me right around. I did get most of my money back and I will NEVER GO TO MASSAGE ENVY AGAIN! Unless my body is donated to them after I die to use as a practice tool. (Now there is an idea) Lol.

Seriously, I am a caregiver and this changed what I do. Now I … Read More

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