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Jun 19

California Class Action Over Massage Forfeitures

I am Plaintiff’s counsel for a class action lawsuit against Massage Envy in San Diego Federal Court. The case is brought on behalf of California residents and challenges ME’s forfeiture of previously purchased massages when customers get behind on payments. The case is Hahn v. Massage Envy Franchising LLC, Case No. 3:12-cv-00153-DMS-BGS.

If you have had massages forfeited because you missed a monthly payment, had a credit card expire, etc., please share your experience as part of our case investigation. I can be reached at:

William R. Restis
501 West Broadway, Suite 1250
San Diego, CA 92101
Tel: 877-493-5366

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Apr 25


What an unprofessional group of people Massage Envy has working in their northern San Diego location.  The girls who work there are young and have a bad attitude.  Like many of the 20 somethings today, they cannot handle any kind of feedback that is not 100% positive about your experience there.  They are rude and snippy, and act like they’re doing you a favor by taking your money for what is often a mediocre massage.  It is obvious that these franchisees are only in this to make money and not to provide excellent customer service–because all they care about is making a buck, taking your money, cheating you out of your time that you’ve paid for, and making the whole … Read More

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