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Jan 13

I work here

I work at Massage Envy as a front desk associate. The things I’ve seen go on or have been forced to be apart of in order to keep my job are repulsive. The managers do not give one shit about the clients. They just care about numbers, sales and good reviews. Personally if I didn’t need this job I would never set foot near a message envy in my life. It’s a terribly ruin business all around. I just wanted to clarify that us employees are completely aware of the bullshit and terrible service thatvis provided but unfourtantly some of us need these jobs. I’m sorry

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Jan 13

Agents Lied. Then sent to collections

Short version: I went a few months ago and had a good massage. signed up for a membership being told I could cancel anytime. I then canceled only to be to do couldn’t and was locked into a year contract. I went in to speak to a manager but one wasn’t in so they told me to come the next day. Came the next day but “they were at lunch and would call me back”. Never got a call back and now I get a letter from a debt collector.

I would have never signed up for something that locked me into a contract. Thinking the initial term was questionable in the contract, I asked specifically if I could cancel … Read More

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Oct 02

our side

My profession is beautiful, my job makes it ugly.

My bosses are not spa professionals and are not in this industry to help anyone- guests, members, or employees. They consistently demean, devalue, and disregard the talent and service of their employees. If your client buys a membership (after a high pressure sales pitch after your service just when you’re relaxed and SO in the mood to listen to contract jargon, right?) they will not be satisfied. They will want to know why you didn’t upgrade them, or sell them products, or get them to rebook.

You are harassed about this to the point that you never feel anything is good enough and begin to doubt yourself as a gifted therapist … Read More

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Aug 06

Terrible Customer Service

I know someone who went there for a massage the other day. The massage was nice but afterwards the sales pitch is what made the experience terrible. After Massage Envy were told NO about signing up, they were very rude to the customers. I would recommend going to get a massage at Sego Lily, they might be a little more pricier but they do not give a sales pitch and treat you rude when you say No.

Massage Envy, Union Park Midvale Utah

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Mar 15

Total ripoff!

My wife bought me a one-hour massage gift card for Valentine’s day, valued at $50 plus tax. I scheduled the massage, went there, got the sales pitch for becoming a member, politely declined, and then got my massage. When I went to pay, the bill was 79.99 plus tax. Even though the introductory rate on their website was $49.99, they said since I was previously a member (6+ years ago at a different location) I would get the non-member rate of $79.99. So I had to pay over $33 additional, plus gratuity, on top of the $52 my wife had already paid for the gift card. They conned me and didn’t tell me until after the massage was over. I … Read More

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Feb 20


I worked at massage envy as front desk and then lead for over a year. then we got new owners, and one by one they started letting my front desk staff go. every day she would tell me “I need you to be my assistant manager…you’re safe…we’re not on a firing spree!”
then one day one of her staff printed out a critical focus about a client complaining about her massage and the front desk. I tried to take care of it, but then I got reprimanded over text message. she said I had to ask permission of the managers before doing so. before I know it, she calls me and fires me.

I am completely saddened. I cared so … Read More

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Sep 17

Sales Commission

Anyone here know what they pay the sales girls up front for the memberships sold? I believe its $10 for every 1 year and $5 for every 6 months…the Massage Envy I applied for says you don’t get the commission unless you reach 20% sales.. seems unfair if i have 100 prospective clients and sell 19 and I dont get the money for it, while someone else has 20 and sold 5 and gets their extra $$$. Is it company policy to withhold your commission unless you hit a certain percentage? I feel my employer is just being greedy and unfair.

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Jan 06

Ex Employee of Massage Envy

One of my good friends worked at the front desk of a massage envy. It was her first job so she took what she could get. after three weeks of her working there she would just repeat the same script over and over again for a membership. They completely drilled it into her brain. When I asked her why she kept repeating it she told me it was because she had to get 40 membership sales a week or she would be fired. That is just completely ridiculous to me. High pressure sales are why I avoid most places and I’m sure i’m not the only one. These people need to get their shit together!

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