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Jan 13

do not work here

I have never been to an interview where I had to tell the hiring person about the job. They asked me, “Do you even know what this job requires?” They talked to me like I was stupid, and very disrespectful. Then they bashed Woodhouse which was so rude and inappropriate. I told them my mother was a massage therapist there and they still proceeded to bash it. I was very shocked at how unprofessional everyone looked and dressed, their style was horrible, and it was literally one of the worst interviews I have ever had. The hiring assistant should be fired because she made me very uncomfortable, and I do not reccommend anyone go to massage envy!

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Oct 10

freezing- feeling the client you mean!

So I signed a contract back in july, then had an emergency where I wasn’t going to be able to pay the first month. I called and spoke to an employee about freezing my account. She told me it was no problem, so I assumed that it was taken care of. Almost three months later I received a letter from a collection agency for past due amounts. When I called and spoke to the owner, she claimed they couldn’t freeze my account because I hadn’t made a payment. She also claimed they had called me numerous times, but I checked my call log and only had one missed call from them that I never realized was from them! Now they … Read More

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Aug 06

Terrible Customer Service

I know someone who went there for a massage the other day. The massage was nice but afterwards the sales pitch is what made the experience terrible. After Massage Envy were told NO about signing up, they were very rude to the customers. I would recommend going to get a massage at Sego Lily, they might be a little more pricier but they do not give a sales pitch and treat you rude when you say No.

Massage Envy, Union Park Midvale Utah

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Aug 06


I purchased $180.00 in gift cards to be used as business gifts and my own personal use.After the first use of the Gift Card, the Manager (Herah) and Owner (Aditi) at the Blossom Hill location in San Jose, California did not honor their agreements or terms of the policies.

They refused to refund or Credit back my account. Basically, they got their money and then played games. When I challenged them about the situation they acted like they were Bank of America…Beware of deceptive business practices and rude, arrogant attitude.

Do not patronize this location!!Bad business.

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Mar 09

Refused massage to member because she has cancer

Massage Envy on Markham in Little Rock, Arkansas canceled a massage on my mother-in-law because the masseuse didn’t want to touch her because MIL has cancer. And they actually said it like that, which humiliated her and greatly hurt her feelings. The company is standing behind the masseuse, siting company policy but they have been giving her massages there for over a year and the location knew she has cancer. AND they won’t cancel her contract or give her money back. So there’s gonna be a lawsuit. This same location has also cancelled on my SIL without bothering to call her and waiting to tell her until she drives 2.5 hours to the location for the appointment.

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Dec 01

Do Not Work Here!

I wasn’t too sure about Massage Envy when I applied but I was surprised when they called me a day after I applied online so I agreed to come in for an interview. The one manager seemed nice, however, the other one was yelling at the girl at the front desk to go out in the freezing cold to hand out flyers so I was a little taken back when I was waiting for my interview. I was going for the Esthetician position and I knew I would have to give a practical facial to one of the managers. Here are some of the things that really turned me off from this job. One, they have only 4 different facials … Read More

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Oct 22

Be Respectful

There are a few people on here that are being rude & snippy with these customers who were mistreated by the company. Whether you be a MT, front desk or management position employee of ME it doesn’t matter. I’m sorry that these complaints give you & other honest workers of this company a bad name but it is crass & unfair of you to blame these people for complaining about an injustice that bestowed upon them. Be mad at the people who deserve that anger. The people within your company causing all of these issues. They are the ones giving the company a bad name. Not the poor consumers who were mistreated, robbed or abused. And for the few of … Read More

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Aug 31

Traumatic experience

My daughter gave me a Gift Card for Mothers Day with oodles of love inside. Too bad the service she purchased didn’t understand the concept. I was greeted rudely by the front desk day of. It went downhill from there. The manager is as rude as the staff, no wonder they are so disrespectful! I have never experienced such poor service in an environment which offers relaxation!!! I was stressed to the max. The massage was incomplete as she massaged one arm and forgot the other. When I mentioned it, she said the time was up! She didn’t use the aromatherapy lotion I requested though it was available to her.. her idea of deep tissue felt like ouch! I wanted … Read More

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Apr 25


What an unprofessional group of people Massage Envy has working in their northern San Diego location.  The girls who work there are young and have a bad attitude.  Like many of the 20 somethings today, they cannot handle any kind of feedback that is not 100% positive about your experience there.  They are rude and snippy, and act like they’re doing you a favor by taking your money for what is often a mediocre massage.  It is obvious that these franchisees are only in this to make money and not to provide excellent customer service–because all they care about is making a buck, taking your money, cheating you out of your time that you’ve paid for, and making the whole … Read More

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