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Oct 02


Okay let me start off with I think the whole membership thing is great, $60 a month for facial or massage and have the opportunity to choose between several therapist! Yes sounds great right? I do agree that most member complaints are stupid because they don’t read their damn contract. But also yes, working front desk you know EVERYTHING. You know what runs in and out and hear thing’s you aren’t suppose to hear. I worked at one for several months and I believe I had ABSOLUTE GREAT work ethics and I got fired for something I believe wasn’t right but I’m not even gonna get into that. The people I worked with were great and some odd one’s and … Read More

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Oct 02

Useless Anniversary Gift

In June of this year my husband purchased a 1 hour massage, plus tip for our one year anniversary. He was never asked if I was a member or a previous client so he was sold a $60 intro-price gift card (+ $10 tip).

Today I called to schedule that one hour massage with the Massage Envy Whitefish Bay, WI facility where the gift card was originally purchased. After scheduling the appointment I was told I was going to be charged a non-member fee $100.00. In shock, I asked why the price was $40 more than the gift card purchased by my husband. It was explained to me that I no longer qualified for the intro price because I had … Read More

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Aug 06


I purchased $180.00 in gift cards to be used as business gifts and my own personal use.After the first use of the Gift Card, the Manager (Herah) and Owner (Aditi) at the Blossom Hill location in San Jose, California did not honor their agreements or terms of the policies.

They refused to refund or Credit back my account. Basically, they got their money and then played games. When I challenged them about the situation they acted like they were Bank of America…Beware of deceptive business practices and rude, arrogant attitude.

Do not patronize this location!!Bad business.

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May 28

worst ever

This is letter I sent to corporate:
I want to file a complaint and request for a total refund for _____. She purchased a membership approximately 14 months ago and has been paying $60/mo for this membership. She has consistently received poor service and a run around for this Massage Every time she tries to make an appointment, instead of it being easy, she has to make multiple phone calls to arrange it, she has on multiple occassons attempted to use credits, which she was told she could use and then had to pay out of pocket.

Most recently at the Mt. Lebo Massage Envy store, she attempted to use an 180 credit and was told she couldn’t. She began … Read More

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Jan 13

Traumatic Deception

I noticed a pattern of so-called “lost cancellations” and empty promises of refunds at “Masochist Evil” locations nationwide. (aka. Massage Envy) I was promised a refund if I followed “company policy” with a doctor’s note proving that I have PTSD. (I had already informed them of my condition back when I was first diagnosed.) The manager and assistant manager said they believed me, but that it was just company policy to provide a doctor’s note for the purpose of a refund. Then they made up a few different excuses as to why they refused to honor our agreement – outright lying, using circular reasoning and doubble-speak arguments for a long time. The manager said it had been too long (3 … Read More

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Jan 06

Neck Injury

I was injured by a facialist there the day after Christmas. I went in for a facial and the next day I was experiencing such extreme neck pain that I had to go to urgent care and then a day later the emergency room! I finally saw a physical therapist today, about a week later, and he confirmed that the symptoms I was presenting with were without a doubt the result of Massage Envy. He explainged that the unnatural position she had my neck in for an hour was bad enough, but the fact that a therapist would willingly pull on my neck in the position I was in is straight criminal. My feeling is she is an esthetician but … Read More

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