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Jan 23

Using someone else’s credit card.

The Massage Envy in Normal, IL used my credit card and was not authorized to do so. To make a long story short, I used my credit card to book three massages, one for myself, my mother, and my friend- key word is I used it to BOOK not pay. My friend ended up surprising us and paid for all three of us. After our massages, my mother decided to sign up for a monthly membership. She put a credit card on her account and all was well for months. Unfortunately, her credit card on file expired so when Massage Envy ran it, it was declined. Instead of calling my mother to get a new credit card number, they used … Read More

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Jan 13


WHY even sign up ??
I have been having a no strings attached membership $49.99 for years. EVERY 6 MONTHS you can visit the same Massage Envy Location for the “Introductory Price ” so, choose 6 different locations, should you have that many in your area. And there you go ! No membership! Cheaper than what people who DO have memberships pay :0D

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Jan 13


I’ve never been a customer at Massage Envy. I have my reasons, some of which coincide with those that make me want to avoid working there. I am going to graduate massage school soon however and ME is the first place to call me back. I’ll try to get to the point.
I’ve been to two interviews for a sales associate position and i have been hired. The location I am going to work for is in Montgomery County, MD and they are not open yet because of something about the Fire Marshall. The supervisors have stayed in contact with us though. They keep pushing the opening date back and bothering us about online training. I feel like they are … Read More

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Jan 13

will it ever end?

I had(have) a membership with a certain location, but I’ve moved since then. It’s been MORE THAN A YEAR and they still refuse to transfer my account to a new location. So I froze my account so that I didn’t have to pay a location where I wasn’t getting massages. I kept asking for the correct forms from BOTH locations and nothing is being done about it! Now I’m still getting calls from a location where I don’t even live, and they want my money. I’ve explained I don’t know how many times that I don’t even live there. At least 4 people have said they would email me the appropriate paperwork to get transferred, but it hasn’t happened.

I … Read More

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Jan 13


I won 12 gifts cards for a massage & 12 gifts cards for a facial .. Free of charge. Cards each say good for a 1 hr facial & 1 hr massage. I used one in August & had a facial today. When I went to check out they told me today that my charge would be $49. I said “what”? It’s supposed to be free. They said I only got it free last time because it was my first visit & after that if I didn’t become a “member” that I would have to pay the additional $49 for non members. I raised a fuss about it because I won these gift cards & they said good for a … Read More

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Oct 10

freezing- feeling the client you mean!

So I signed a contract back in july, then had an emergency where I wasn’t going to be able to pay the first month. I called and spoke to an employee about freezing my account. She told me it was no problem, so I assumed that it was taken care of. Almost three months later I received a letter from a collection agency for past due amounts. When I called and spoke to the owner, she claimed they couldn’t freeze my account because I hadn’t made a payment. She also claimed they had called me numerous times, but I checked my call log and only had one missed call from them that I never realized was from them! Now they … Read More

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Oct 10

No go

I had no idea the rates went up…as told they e-mailed me,,,tThey said they sent me a letter…I received neither have been with them 7 year’s…I was a valued customer,sometimes went 3 times a month alway’s has 2 hours as I went not for relaxing…I went as my disks and muscles needed it…and they are very good at there work…But to spend almost $125-$175 including tip is way way out of my reach…But was told the increase was to pay for the employee’s…they depend on tip’s and believe me this will fall into play…From a Loyal customer that way feels burned!!!…

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Oct 02

Former Front Desk

I worked as a sales associate at Massage Envy in Arizona for a year and a half. I was promoted at every review and was consistent with my sales. I was very close with my staff and therapists.

My problems developed six months before I quit, when my male boss was saying extremely sexually inappropriate things to me. I did not get one single apology from Massage Envy’s owner, who claims to be a “conservative, modest man”, and it took nearly one month for my male supervisor to be disciplined – and I got written up after I complained about his behavior. It took almost another month for management to fire this man. Again, I received no act of remorse, … Read More

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Oct 02


I just received notice they have changed the $39 to $49 as I go every 3 times month…I now want out of this contract..I was told they had to pay the employees more money…they depend on tip’s..I have been going 2006 I no longer believe in them..I received no notice as I walked in last week? Even as they told me they e-mailed me as well as a home mail…I get notices all the time about??? How did you like your massage,as well as phone calls…I heard nothing about price increase …NOT HAPPY

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Aug 13

Massage Envy Employee threatens me!

I was threatened today by Kristen and employee at the Hulen Street location in Fort Worth, TX, that Massage Envy would have a collection agency after me if I didn’t pay the back payments that my credit card would not okay since I had told my credit card company I wanted to cancel my subscription but no one would call me back and to cancel the automatic charges to my account. I tried to stop my membership the month after I signed up for the membership because I received a TERRIBLE massage from a novice and when I complained about the masseuse I was told that I had to pay or be charged for the service whether I was pleased … Read More

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