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Jan 22

Finally got some help

After close to a year of empty promises of call backs and resolution of being 1. overcharged and 2. stalling over canceling my membership. I know franchising well enough to know that corporate headquarters can rarely do anything for you unless their franchisee has broken the law or their policy but I also know that every Corporate Headquareters will always have binding clauses for franchisees about customer disputes. So I resorted to LinkedIn to find who at their Corporate Headquarters to talk to in order to resolve my issue as there was no way that stalling cancelations for months was not against the binding clause. I then called their Corporate Headquarters and requested the contact information for Robert Fish, sent … Read More

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Jan 13


WHY even sign up ??
I have been having a no strings attached membership $49.99 for years. EVERY 6 MONTHS you can visit the same Massage Envy Location for the “Introductory Price ” so, choose 6 different locations, should you have that many in your area. And there you go ! No membership! Cheaper than what people who DO have memberships pay :0D

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Jan 13

will it ever end?

I had(have) a membership with a certain location, but I’ve moved since then. It’s been MORE THAN A YEAR and they still refuse to transfer my account to a new location. So I froze my account so that I didn’t have to pay a location where I wasn’t getting massages. I kept asking for the correct forms from BOTH locations and nothing is being done about it! Now I’m still getting calls from a location where I don’t even live, and they want my money. I’ve explained I don’t know how many times that I don’t even live there. At least 4 people have said they would email me the appropriate paperwork to get transferred, but it hasn’t happened.

I … Read More

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Jan 13


So after walking into Massage Envy and being asked if I wanted membership and I said NO. I paid for 3 massages in advance and used them in 1 month. I wasn’t watching my credit card bill but these fucking scam artists started charging me a membership fee for 6 months. Erin Jackson is the regional manager and she tried to asked like this is the first time this has ever happened. BULLSHIT it happens all the time. Employees are promised bonuses if their caught they will deal with it then. PS they hire sexual predictors

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Jan 13


I have been a member of Massage Envy for years. With the passage of time, I used their services less and less. I found other massage therapists that provided much higher quality service (and they actually delivered an hour massage instead of 45-50 minutes at Massage Envy). After accruing many “credits” for services I never used, I canceled my membership. Canceling is another hassle. The franchise tells me they don’t have a “procedure” to credit my account for fees that posted today. Total BS. Any vendor that accepts credit cards has the ability to credit charges back to an account holder. Yet another hassle with this company that is far more interested in billing your credit card every month that … Read More

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Jan 13

Never work here

Ok so I was a member at Massage Envy and one day decided to apply for a job. I was called the next day to take an assessment and then after the assessment apparently indicated that I would have good “sales” skills, the manager called me, didn’t even interview me but told me I had gotten the job because of this damn survey that literally took about 1 minute. Then I was handed a page long script and told that I had 48 hours to memorize it WORD FOR WORD, which I did, even though it sounded fake as hell. I started training and I was made to pretend with the other trainees that we were greeting customers, talking on … Read More

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Jan 13

Worst Company Ever, Need An Oregon Class Action Lawsuit

I was given a gift for Christmas from Massage Envy which I ended up keeping for 2 years. At the end of the two years the credit card that the monthly payment was being charged to which was my girlfriends had expired and I told her that I would just call and cancel the membership since the massages were horrible anyways. So I called the Cedar Hills Location since that was the closest to my house and they told me that I had to call the Tualatin location. I called the Tualatin location and they told me that I had to drive from my house in Aloha Oregon all the way to Tualatin to cancel my membership and that I … Read More

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Jan 13

No Envy Here

The Massage Envy site in this complaint is located at 6601 N. Davis Hwy, Pensacola, FL. I attempted to leave a comment but did not see it so I will leave my story here, as well. Thank you for this information and will send emails to all the corporate listed above and a complaint will also be filed with the BBB. I sent my daughter in for a one-hour massage and she came out with a one-year membership unbeknownst to her. My daughter stated she was very verbal about not wanting to make another appt at that time despite the sales pitches from two people after her 45-minute massage (and not the 1hr I paid for). Even though she should … Read More

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Oct 02

Massage Envy Victor is terrible

My fiance used to work here. She is 8 month pregnant and was forced to clean with ammonia! How can you expose her to this chemical and harm our unborn son? You have no clue how to run a business. Your employes (with the exception of a like 2 or 3) only care about bothering the customer with signing up. I have news for you… some people can not afford to spend $40 a month for a membership. Things like feeding your family and putting a roof over their heads is a little more important. Stop seeing dollar signs when people walk in the door. I would love to see the day that massage envy goes out of business!

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Oct 02


Okay let me start off with I think the whole membership thing is great, $60 a month for facial or massage and have the opportunity to choose between several therapist! Yes sounds great right? I do agree that most member complaints are stupid because they don’t read their damn contract. But also yes, working front desk you know EVERYTHING. You know what runs in and out and hear thing’s you aren’t suppose to hear. I worked at one for several months and I believe I had ABSOLUTE GREAT work ethics and I got fired for something I believe wasn’t right but I’m not even gonna get into that. The people I worked with were great and some odd one’s and … Read More

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