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Oct 02

Former Front Desk

I worked as a sales associate at Massage Envy in Arizona for a year and a half. I was promoted at every review and was consistent with my sales. I was very close with my staff and therapists.

My problems developed six months before I quit, when my male boss was saying extremely sexually inappropriate things to me. I did not get one single apology from Massage Envy’s owner, who claims to be a “conservative, modest man”, and it took nearly one month for my male supervisor to be disciplined – and I got written up after I complained about his behavior. It took almost another month for management to fire this man. Again, I received no act of remorse, … Read More

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Jan 30

Sex Abuse – Billion $ Company Looking the other way

Hello .. when you worked at massage envy did you ever witness a customer making a complaint of being inappropriately touched? If so, how did management handle it? I heard from someone that the HQ tells the franchise location to not report such complaints to the board of health … do you know if this is true?

I ask b/c there was an employee there who assaulted a girl … it was reported to the police, but not the board of health. The police didn’t have enough evidence to punish criminally … but if it had been reported to board of health they could of done their own investigation and at the very least logged the complaint. This man went … Read More

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Oct 31

illness w therapist

I had been employed by massage envy for 4 years in different locations, but all of them are the same as far as management and ownership. By this I mean that when a therapist is ill, they expect the therapist to still come in and if they don’t, they are reprimanded for it. I was told yesterday that I needed to work even though my nose was running so much I had a wet shirt from wiping it and could have very well dripped snot on my clients. I still went home though because clients pay enough money for the massage, they are not expecting to get sick from the therapist too!! Also, I am a single mother of one … Read More

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Sep 08


I currently work for Massage Envy and have been happily employed for about 6 months. I feel that with all of the negative comments about Massage Envy as a whole is unnecessary. Each complaint is about a SPECIFIC spa and needs to be addressed to the management of that particular clinic, so that the issue can be resolved. Bashing the company on review websites automatically effects the reputation of the company, and the chance of a great experience for new guests. Each clinic is individually owned and managed. Now, when it comes to therapists/front desk staff, issues regarding pay/scheduling/etc can only be resolved by addressing management, MEANING posting something online will get you no where. Massage Envy is a great … Read More

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Feb 28


I think it has been really enlightening reading another users post that used to work there. Post is here: http://massageenvyblows.com/overall-facts-about-m-e/

I called in to cancel, and they wouldnt even put my account on hold until I could pay the $55 for a month I hadn’t even used yet. By the time I was able to pay it, they hit my credit card for almost $150 in charges, maxing out my card and causing overlimit fees. They are shady, the management was awful and condescending, and the owner wouldnt even pick up the phone to talk to me.

I will never go to this place again and have been actively spreading the word on how awful they are for the last … Read More

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Dec 28

walmart of massages

Let me tell you massage envy blows at both ends! I am a therapist, been a therapist for 4 years. I began working at a massage envy right out of school. I quickly built my clientele up to more than 100 massages a month, 89% request. A year in decided to get my own office so I could grow in my career. The owner of the franchise I worked at fired me. In addition to firing me, accused me of stealing products!! Well 9 months later or so massage envy contacted me to come work for them because some of their clients were asking for me. I took the job (2 days a week) and a year later management changed! … Read More

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