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Jan 13

I work here

I work at Massage Envy as a front desk associate. The things I’ve seen go on or have been forced to be apart of in order to keep my job are repulsive. The managers do not give one shit about the clients. They just care about numbers, sales and good reviews. Personally if I didn’t need this job I would never set foot near a message envy in my life. It’s a terribly ruin business all around. I just wanted to clarify that us employees are completely aware of the bullshit and terrible service thatvis provided but unfourtantly some of us need these jobs. I’m sorry

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Jan 13

do not work here

I have never been to an interview where I had to tell the hiring person about the job. They asked me, “Do you even know what this job requires?” They talked to me like I was stupid, and very disrespectful. Then they bashed Woodhouse which was so rude and inappropriate. I told them my mother was a massage therapist there and they still proceeded to bash it. I was very shocked at how unprofessional everyone looked and dressed, their style was horrible, and it was literally one of the worst interviews I have ever had. The hiring assistant should be fired because she made me very uncomfortable, and I do not reccommend anyone go to massage envy!

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Jan 13


I’ve never been a customer at Massage Envy. I have my reasons, some of which coincide with those that make me want to avoid working there. I am going to graduate massage school soon however and ME is the first place to call me back. I’ll try to get to the point.
I’ve been to two interviews for a sales associate position and i have been hired. The location I am going to work for is in Montgomery County, MD and they are not open yet because of something about the Fire Marshall. The supervisors have stayed in contact with us though. They keep pushing the opening date back and bothering us about online training. I feel like they are … Read More

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Jan 13

Never work here

Ok so I was a member at Massage Envy and one day decided to apply for a job. I was called the next day to take an assessment and then after the assessment apparently indicated that I would have good “sales” skills, the manager called me, didn’t even interview me but told me I had gotten the job because of this damn survey that literally took about 1 minute. Then I was handed a page long script and told that I had 48 hours to memorize it WORD FOR WORD, which I did, even though it sounded fake as hell. I started training and I was made to pretend with the other trainees that we were greeting customers, talking on … Read More

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May 29


I went to a few me’s in my location after seeing that they are hiring on their websites. I book an interview and I head there the day of the interview. After waiting for almost over an hour (plus I was on time for the interview) I go to do the interview and all I’m there for is to just “touch basics” from the last time I was there. I am told that one massage therapist is leaving and they are looking for another mt to take their place. Happy I think I might have a shot at having a job. As the interview goes on she tells me that she already hired other mts and isn’t looking for any…..so … Read More

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Apr 03

Cant get a job

I recently tried to sign on with a branch of Massage Envy in Portland, Maine. I thought my interview went very well, and I presented myself as a competent professional therapist. I called the location, to find out what was going on with my application, and no return call. No professional right there. I went into the location, and asked since they were still posting for therapists, what was the status of my application. I was told I was not invited back, because they felt that I was not what they wanted. Well, thanks to this, Ive now lost my place to stay and I am now HOMELESS!! THATS RIGHT, I AM HOMELESS BECAUSE THIS COMPANY DECIDED THAT I WAS … Read More

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Dec 01

Do Not Work Here!

I wasn’t too sure about Massage Envy when I applied but I was surprised when they called me a day after I applied online so I agreed to come in for an interview. The one manager seemed nice, however, the other one was yelling at the girl at the front desk to go out in the freezing cold to hand out flyers so I was a little taken back when I was waiting for my interview. I was going for the Esthetician position and I knew I would have to give a practical facial to one of the managers. Here are some of the things that really turned me off from this job. One, they have only 4 different facials … Read More

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Sep 08

Didn’t Even Make it to Two Weeks!

I’ve never felt so uncomfortable at a work place before this hell hole. The girls who were supposed to be training me a acted like they came straight out of Mean Girls, except and sloppier and constantly hung over. But I decided I would grin and bear it, for the sake of having a job. Then they started making me work in the back of the spa doing laundry which was NOT what the position entailed. They had a spa back already. While working there I heard the massage therapists gossip about clients, make racist and transphobic remarks, and engage in LOTS of talk about sex. Yet the morning before my two week mark, I get called into the office … Read More

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Aug 17


I have been a therapist for nearly 8 years at ME. I dont know how you are getting treated at other clinics but ours never treats clients bad except when they lie, act like they ‘didn’t get a contract’, whine about not getting their prepaids back when, if you paid for a membership at a gym and never went, you would NOT get your money back. Period. IF you ever sign up for ANY membership whatsoever, why wouldnt YOU read over the agreement and ask questions?? You cant crab about it later if YOU were not a responsible consumer. All therapists get trained practically the same way. Find one you like whether its for $200 an hour or $39. But … Read More

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Jun 19


I currently work for a Massage Envy Spa as a front desk attendant. The job itself is easy, but the company really only cares about money. The owners don’t seem to put much effort into the place and barely check up on the place. The pay is horrible. When I was hired, I received a paper that stated after 30 working days you get a dollar raise.. so that is $9.00 a hour. And after 6 months you get a .50 cent bonus if you meet sales goals. I have worked here for about 9 months and we received our dollar raise after 6 months…. not 30 days. Its hard to make ends meet and pay my bills. I feel … Read More

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