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Jan 22

Finally got some help

After close to a year of empty promises of call backs and resolution of being 1. overcharged and 2. stalling over canceling my membership. I know franchising well enough to know that corporate headquarters can rarely do anything for you unless their franchisee has broken the law or their policy but I also know that every Corporate Headquareters will always have binding clauses for franchisees about customer disputes. So I resorted to LinkedIn to find who at their Corporate Headquarters to talk to in order to resolve my issue as there was no way that stalling cancelations for months was not against the binding clause. I then called their Corporate Headquarters and requested the contact information for Robert Fish, sent … Read More

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Nov 25

UNAUTHORIZED CHARGE to my debit card

I have had decent massages and facials here. I’ve been a member for a year. I did have one LMT that stunk of cigarette smoke.

My issue is that I filled out my paperwork to discontinue my membership in a timely manner. Apparently, it was left in a folder and didn’t make it to the manager’s desk. An additional an unexpected charge hit my account. It took the manager two days and a follow up call to even call me back. She had “been in meetings” until then. I felt that her apology was inauthentic as there seemed to be no urgency in reversing the charge to my bank account.

I have submitted two complaints to the corporate website and … Read More

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Jul 24

Do they really care about us???

Massage Envy refuses to allow me as a customer to use my 12 pre-pays while my account is paused. They have a tremendous amount of policies preventing me as a client to use the service that I have paid for unless I give them a new credit card and allow more charges to take place.

My issue is simple, I’m not being allowed to use the service that I have paid for….in other words they are refusing to deliver the service they promised unless I give them more money and or adhere to all of their policies which all equate to extracting more money from me.

I have asked to merely pause my account so no further charges take place … Read More

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Jun 04

$100 Stolen From Us By Massage Envy

My fiance and I signed up for a membership so that we would be able to have monthly couples massages. We noticed after a few months that my fiance was missing massages we had paid for but not received. Massage Envy Sherman Oaks quickly noticed that a Massage Envy in Colorado had a client with the same exact name as my fiance and that my fiance’s credits had been going to this woman with the same name. More than 4 months have passed and we still have not resolved this issue. Now we can’t have massages together because we are missing credits. No one disputes the fact that there was a “mix up” between locations but Massage Envy of Sherman … Read More

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Jan 25

Bait and Switch

Company uses bait and switch tactics to get your business. They tell you that they have an introductory price for your first visit, then after the massage is over they charge full price. They are not very honest with potential clients and make all sorts of excuses after service is provided to not give the discount provided. I was told it must have been a training issue, their computer won’t allow them to make changes, etc.. They make no effort to rectify the situation and basically treat you like scum. Stay away from this business they will cheat you out of your money.

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Dec 27

Corporate Contacts

I’ve also recently had an issue with my local Massage Envy and wanted to escalate my concerns to the Corporate Office…only to find out their all independently owned and operated by Franchise Owners. When I asked the franchise owner for a contact at corporate all he would do is give me the regional managers information.

I did a little research on www.massageenvy.com, the main company page and it seems like they really don’t want you to find any concrete contact information. If anyone has some good contact information for someone actually at the corporate office I would greatly appreciate it!!

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