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Oct 02

“1 hour + tip” gift card requires $50.00 cash for massage?

Received a gift card stating “1 hour + tip” from a dear friend. Having been listed in their evil computer network as I had been there for a massage five years ago (another gift from a friend) I was informed my “1 hour + tip” gift card would require a $50.00 cash payment in order to receive a 1 hour massage…something about it being an introductory price and since it was my first time, did not apply to me. Spoke to manager and owner who refused to honor it…SHOCKING!

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Jan 25

Bait and Switch

Company uses bait and switch tactics to get your business. They tell you that they have an introductory price for your first visit, then after the massage is over they charge full price. They are not very honest with potential clients and make all sorts of excuses after service is provided to not give the discount provided. I was told it must have been a training issue, their computer won’t allow them to make changes, etc.. They make no effort to rectify the situation and basically treat you like scum. Stay away from this business they will cheat you out of your money.

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