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Jan 13

Legal Requirements For Disclosure

My sister purchased a gift massage for me and I decided I would rather use the money to purchase something else. On the receipt that they provided to my sister there is no legal disclosure that you can’t return the gift certificate. I have called and explained to them 3 time that they are breaking a consumer disclosure law and they simply say that is our policy.
So I contacted corporate and after I spoke with one person they transferred my call into a general voice mail.
I will not drop this and I am filing a complaint with consumer affairs, better business bureau and any other state organizations.
What is odd about this company is that it is simple … Read More

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Jan 13


I won 12 gifts cards for a massage & 12 gifts cards for a facial .. Free of charge. Cards each say good for a 1 hr facial & 1 hr massage. I used one in August & had a facial today. When I went to check out they told me today that my charge would be $49. I said “what”? It’s supposed to be free. They said I only got it free last time because it was my first visit & after that if I didn’t become a “member” that I would have to pay the additional $49 for non members. I raised a fuss about it because I won these gift cards & they said good for a … Read More

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Jan 13

Worst Company Ever, Need An Oregon Class Action Lawsuit

I was given a gift for Christmas from Massage Envy which I ended up keeping for 2 years. At the end of the two years the credit card that the monthly payment was being charged to which was my girlfriends had expired and I told her that I would just call and cancel the membership since the massages were horrible anyways. So I called the Cedar Hills Location since that was the closest to my house and they told me that I had to call the Tualatin location. I called the Tualatin location and they told me that I had to drive from my house in Aloha Oregon all the way to Tualatin to cancel my membership and that I … Read More

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Oct 02

“1 hour + tip” gift card requires $50.00 cash for massage?

Received a gift card stating “1 hour + tip” from a dear friend. Having been listed in their evil computer network as I had been there for a massage five years ago (another gift from a friend) I was informed my “1 hour + tip” gift card would require a $50.00 cash payment in order to receive a 1 hour massage…something about it being an introductory price and since it was my first time, did not apply to me. Spoke to manager and owner who refused to honor it…SHOCKING!

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Oct 02

Useless Anniversary Gift

In June of this year my husband purchased a 1 hour massage, plus tip for our one year anniversary. He was never asked if I was a member or a previous client so he was sold a $60 intro-price gift card (+ $10 tip).

Today I called to schedule that one hour massage with the Massage Envy Whitefish Bay, WI facility where the gift card was originally purchased. After scheduling the appointment I was told I was going to be charged a non-member fee $100.00. In shock, I asked why the price was $40 more than the gift card purchased by my husband. It was explained to me that I no longer qualified for the intro price because I had … Read More

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Mar 15

Total ripoff!

My wife bought me a one-hour massage gift card for Valentine’s day, valued at $50 plus tax. I scheduled the massage, went there, got the sales pitch for becoming a member, politely declined, and then got my massage. When I went to pay, the bill was 79.99 plus tax. Even though the introductory rate on their website was $49.99, they said since I was previously a member (6+ years ago at a different location) I would get the non-member rate of $79.99. So I had to pay over $33 additional, plus gratuity, on top of the $52 my wife had already paid for the gift card. They conned me and didn’t tell me until after the massage was over. I … Read More

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Jan 30

What a Scam!!

I have never been so disappointed. I had a 3 month gift card and went in for a massage. At the end of the massage, I was suckered into purchasing a membership, which would equal to a total of 6 massages. At the time I was in the process of moving and didn’t know where I would be relocating to. I had explained this to the salesperson so I didn’t want to be tide into membership. She assured me I could use these massages anytime. Okay awesome I had a total of six massages I could use whenever! Great! Fast forward 6 months later, I had only used a total of three, when I went to schedule my next massage … Read More

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Jan 12


I came in a few months ago to use a gift card I received as a gift. This was my first massage ever and when I was paying to leave she told me about their membership offer. I felt pressured to agree to do purchase so I did, and I remember when I left thinking well its month to month membership, and I can just cancel next month if I don’t like it. I was told repeatedly that my membership was a month to month and that I could cancel anytime I wanted as long as I submitted in writing and gave a 30 day notice. Well today was that day, I went in with my notice to cancel and … Read More

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Jan 16

Illegal contract terms?

I signed up for a monthly contract at Massage Envy about 2 years ago. Today, I have about 15 unused massages because of my frequent travel and busy work schedule. The value of these massages at $59 is $885!!! If I cancel my membership, I lose all my pre-paid massages. How is this legal? I’m in California, a place where prepaid gift cards cannot expire, but CAN depreciate slowly. I assume Massage Envy is able to get away with this because of the way the charges/service is categorized, but I feel a lawsuit coming on. These types of billing practices aren’t exactly ethical.

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