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Oct 10

No go

I had no idea the rates went up…as told they e-mailed me,,,tThey said they sent me a letter…I received neither have been with them 7 year’s…I was a valued customer,sometimes went 3 times a month alway’s has 2 hours as I went not for relaxing…I went as my disks and muscles needed it…and they are very good at there work…But to spend almost $125-$175 including tip is way way out of my reach…But was told the increase was to pay for the employee’s…they depend on tip’s and believe me this will fall into play…From a Loyal customer that way feels burned!!!…

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Mar 09


Last month I called Massage Envy to cancel my membership after one year and was told that was fine. I
then scheduled my final massages thinking that would complete my contract. On my next bank statement I noticed a debit for the monthly fee. I called and found that they had no record of my cancelling and I needed to submit a written document. Of course, that made sense, but I wasn’t told of this on my first call and there was no record of my call. This time I attempted to
ask for the employee’s last name for my records, but she would not give it to me. Clearly, an example of an unprofessional business community, wishing to remain … Read More

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Aug 03

Stressed employees

My first month at massage envy I was written up twice. One was because manager forgot to put me on the schedule for a facial that was booked a month prior to my employment. She asked me on June 20th if I could come in on my day off to cover for the one that quit. I was nice enough to do it. No appreciation was displayed and it wasn’t on my schedule. I came in at the time that was on my schedule on that day and was confronted by the two owners and the manager about how it was my responsibility to check the schedule everyday before I left. Long story short, I was embarrassed, intimidated and forced … Read More

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Jan 16

just the worst (from a therapist)

YAH!!!.. i quit about a month ag, heard about this website a couple days ago and decided to SAVE YOU ALL FROM THE HORROR.. this place sucks.. i have been working here for a couple years .. all i get is the runaround from these people.. i have been a good, hard-working employee and this b*** katherin trubitcho… what the hell ever her name is, doesnt even do her job. shes nice to your face then talks crap about you behind your back. this is not how you run someone elses company.
they tell you over and over again you NEED to get this person to sign up.
Its a numbers game, thats all they care about. They work therapists … Read More

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Nov 19

I’m taking the Massage Envy in NJ down

Recently contacted the Department of Labor about the illegal way they pay their employees. I was an employee up until 2 days ago, when I was fired for a very very minor indiscretion. I’m also taking action against the manager personally for various counts of invasion of privacy. The clinic has very bad vibes and is not a relaxing, welcoming place to be at all, whether you’re an employee or client.

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Dec 28

walmart of massages

Let me tell you massage envy blows at both ends! I am a therapist, been a therapist for 4 years. I began working at a massage envy right out of school. I quickly built my clientele up to more than 100 massages a month, 89% request. A year in decided to get my own office so I could grow in my career. The owner of the franchise I worked at fired me. In addition to firing me, accused me of stealing products!! Well 9 months later or so massage envy contacted me to come work for them because some of their clients were asking for me. I took the job (2 days a week) and a year later management changed! … Read More

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