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Jan 07

Take Action

Help us get the word out and let Massage Envy know that their deceptive sales practices and unethical business policies have not gone unnoticed! Here are some suggestions for making an impact.

Contact Massage Envy Directly (updated 1/13/15)

Massage Envy Corporate Contact Information:

  • Corporate Office Phone: 480-366-4100
  • Corporate Office Fax: 480-366-4200
  • IT Help Desk Support: 480-366-4159
  • Corporate Office Address:
    • 14350 North 87th Street
    • Suite 200
    • Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Massage Envy Corporate Officers/Management:

  • Public Relations Director: Karen Sung – ksung@massageenvy.com
  • President/CEO: David Crisalli – dcrisalli@massageenvy.com
  • COO: Joseph Luongo – jluongo@massageenvy.com
  • CFO: Gregory Esgar – gesgar@massageenvy.com
  • General Counsel: Melanie Hansen – mhansen@massageenvy.com
  • Chief Information Officer: Daniel Miller – dmiller@massageenvy.com
    • Researching replacement
  • Chief Learning Officer: Andrea Rivera – arivera@massageenvy.com
  • Chief Marketing Officer: Susan
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Dec 22

Harder Please

Dear Massage Envy,

I wish you would have made this easier for both of us – fortunately for me I’m on vacation for the rest of  the year, all my Christmas shopping is done…and I have nothing but time on my hands.

After being totally screwed by your deceptive sales tactics, a quick search of the good ole’ World Wide Web led me to hundreds, if not thousands, of other disgruntled Massage Envy customers. I felt it only appropriate to give everyone else one place to share the ironically stressful and frustrating experience they have had with Massage Envy Spa. Yes, as you have mentioned, I have apparently signed a contract which obligated me to pay for months of massages … Read More

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