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Jan 13

will it ever end?

I had(have) a membership with a certain location, but I’ve moved since then. It’s been MORE THAN A YEAR and they still refuse to transfer my account to a new location. So I froze my account so that I didn’t have to pay a location where I wasn’t getting massages. I kept asking for the correct forms from BOTH locations and nothing is being done about it! Now I’m still getting calls from a location where I don’t even live, and they want my money. I’ve explained I don’t know how many times that I don’t even live there. At least 4 people have said they would email me the appropriate paperwork to get transferred, but it hasn’t happened.

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Mar 02

Stop your membership, credits cancel

i signed up for a 12 month contract with massage envy. After 8 months, i called to tell them i wanted to cancel when my 12 months was up. I made an appointment for a massage, they told me i had 7 credits left. I showed up for the massage and said, because my monthly membership cancelled, so did my credits. I lost $420 in massage credits. Yes, the contract does say this. But i, like most customers i believe, signed the contract after a massage, not one’s clearest moment. They never gave me a reminder, a heads up, when i made the appointment, they didn’t tell me my credits were going to expire. There is no grace period, no … Read More

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Apr 25


What an unprofessional group of people Massage Envy has working in their northern San Diego location.  The girls who work there are young and have a bad attitude.  Like many of the 20 somethings today, they cannot handle any kind of feedback that is not 100% positive about your experience there.  They are rude and snippy, and act like they’re doing you a favor by taking your money for what is often a mediocre massage.  It is obvious that these franchisees are only in this to make money and not to provide excellent customer service–because all they care about is making a buck, taking your money, cheating you out of your time that you’ve paid for, and making the whole … Read More

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Jan 19

Do not join this organization

After registering for a massage and receiving their confirmation email, that also stated they would call to confirm, I never heard from them. The day before the massage, I called to confirm. They claim they never heard of me or my appointment. Then wanted me to sign up for a membership and take an appoint not convenient to me. The person answering the phone was rude and could care less about customer service. He would not let me speak to a manager or customer service. So, I have resorted to writing bad reviews. I do not recommend this franchise as they do not want customers.

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