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Jan 23

Using someone else’s credit card.

The Massage Envy in Normal, IL used my credit card and was not authorized to do so. To make a long story short, I used my credit card to book three massages, one for myself, my mother, and my friend- key word is I used it to BOOK not pay. My friend ended up surprising us and paid for all three of us. After our massages, my mother decided to sign up for a monthly membership. She put a credit card on her account and all was well for months. Unfortunately, her credit card on file expired so when Massage Envy ran it, it was declined. Instead of calling my mother to get a new credit card number, they used … Read More

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Jan 13


I have been a member of Massage Envy for years. With the passage of time, I used their services less and less. I found other massage therapists that provided much higher quality service (and they actually delivered an hour massage instead of 45-50 minutes at Massage Envy). After accruing many “credits” for services I never used, I canceled my membership. Canceling is another hassle. The franchise tells me they don’t have a “procedure” to credit my account for fees that posted today. Total BS. Any vendor that accepts credit cards has the ability to credit charges back to an account holder. Yet another hassle with this company that is far more interested in billing your credit card every month that … Read More

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Oct 02

Im in collections

I paid for a years worth of services that I never used. I kept getting charged because I guess I’m on some auto-month to month crap. The credit card they had expired so they started calling and calling, I finally answered and the lady tried to get me to update my credit card info. I told her no and that I wanted to cancel, she said someone would call me back, they didn’t. Ive got more important things to do so I forgot about all about it, they were not able to charge me anymore and I paid my 1 year “contract” term plus they got about 1000 dollars in unused services so I figured thats a pretty good deal … Read More

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Aug 13

Massage Envy Employee threatens me!

I was threatened today by Kristen and employee at the Hulen Street location in Fort Worth, TX, that Massage Envy would have a collection agency after me if I didn’t pay the back payments that my credit card would not okay since I had told my credit card company I wanted to cancel my subscription but no one would call me back and to cancel the automatic charges to my account. I tried to stop my membership the month after I signed up for the membership because I received a TERRIBLE massage from a novice and when I complained about the masseuse I was told that I had to pay or be charged for the service whether I was pleased … Read More

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Aug 13

So you want to cancel?

Well you’re in luck! You can cancel your Massage Envy membership and it’s pretty easy.
First, if you’re out of the initial term you were conned into you can simply fill out their cancelation form and email, fax or drop it off. It is against their policies to force you to bring in a physical copy, simply reference their business policies and you’ll probably get an email address. You may also want to copy corporate at info@massageenvy.com, this ensures that the independently owned franchise doesn’t “lose the paperwork”. Don’t have or can’t get a form? No problem, you contract specifically states you just have to notify them to cancel the account and the form isn’t necessary. Again this can be … Read More

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Aug 06

Unethical and unprofessional

I signed a six month contract and learned a big mistake. I only went a few times bc I felt like the male massage therapist was inappropriate by leaving my body uncovered during parts of the massage and touching me in areas outside of the understood zones. I’ve been having professional massages for 10+ years and very familiar with what is appropriate and what is not. In addition, I have continued to be charged the monthly fee after the contract ended. I’ve called the manager several times at Howell Mill and have never received a return phone call. My credit card company is now dealing with them. Very unprofessional and unethical establishment.

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Nov 14


Unbelievable. I have been trying to quit this membership since August. I have been a client for over two years and have for the past year been trying to use accumulated massages because I am not able to get there once a month. My credit card expired and I have two in my bank. I didn’t give them my new number because (I TOLD THEM) it didn’t make sense to give them a new number so I could pay for more massages I can’t use. Today I got three new charges on my credit card which I am disputing. But to quit you have to sign a cancellation agreement “unfortunately” (they love that word) and pay for yet another massage … Read More

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Sep 08


So I went for their massage. Not the best I’ve ever had. They tried getting me to sign a year contract. I said “Uh, no thanks.” Guess what? They signed me up anyway. Didn’t find out till I looked at my credit card bill the next month. Can’t get a hold of the manager. No surprise there. Good thing my credit card company is stopping payments and giving me back my money.

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