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Apr 03

Cant get a job

I recently tried to sign on with a branch of Massage Envy in Portland, Maine. I thought my interview went very well, and I presented myself as a competent professional therapist. I called the location, to find out what was going on with my application, and no return call. No professional right there. I went into the location, and asked since they were still posting for therapists, what was the status of my application. I was told I was not invited back, because they felt that I was not what they wanted. Well, thanks to this, Ive now lost my place to stay and I am now HOMELESS!! THATS RIGHT, I AM HOMELESS BECAUSE THIS COMPANY DECIDED THAT I WAS … Read More

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Apr 25


A few weeks ago, I went to Massage Envy for my first massage ever. My massage therapist talked during the ENTIRE massage, and the massage itself was very mediocre. When I was checking out, they let me know they had over 30 massage therapists, and that perhaps I could try someone else next time. I agreed, and after seeing the “Member” discount on the wall, asked if I could become a member. Of course the girl at the desk signed me up, did not explain ANYTHING about it to me (all I saw was the sign on the wall that said I could get one reduced-price massage per month). Because she didn’t explain anything, I assumed it was just a … Read More

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Jan 07

Take Action

Help us get the word out and let Massage Envy know that their deceptive sales practices and unethical business policies have not gone unnoticed! Here are some suggestions for making an impact.

Contact Massage Envy Directly

Massage Envy Corporate Contact Information:

  • Corporate Office Phone: 480-366-4100
  • Corporate Office Fax: 480-366-4200
  • Corporate Office Address:
  • 14350 North 87th Street
  • Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Massage Envy Corporate Officers/Management:

  • CEO: David Humphrey – dhumphrey@massageenvy.com
  • COO: David Crisalli – dcrisalli@massageenvy.com
  • CFO: Gregory Esgar – gesgar@massageenvy.com
  • Chief Legal Officer: Jeffrey Frankel – jfrankel@massageenvy.com
  • Chief Information Officer: Daniel Miller – dmiller@massageenvy.com
  • Chief Learning Officer: Susan Landgraf – slandgraf@massageenvy.com
  • Chief Marketing Officer: Dallas Bennewitz – dbennewitz@massageenvy.com
  • VP Operations: Daniel Pitts – dpitts@massageenvy.com
  • VP Ind Relations & Product Dev: Cynthia Funk
  • Read More

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Dec 27

Corporate Contacts

I’ve also recently had an issue with my local Massage Envy and wanted to escalate my concerns to the Corporate Office…only to find out their all independently owned and operated by Franchise Owners. When I asked the franchise owner for a contact at corporate all he would do is give me the regional managers information.

I did a little research on www.massageenvy.com, the main company page and it seems like they really don’t want you to find any concrete contact information. If anyone has some good contact information for someone actually at the corporate office I would greatly appreciate it!!… Read More

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