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Jan 13

Agents Lied. Then sent to collections

Short version: I went a few months ago and had a good massage. signed up for a membership being told I could cancel anytime. I then canceled only to be to do couldn’t and was locked into a year contract. I went in to speak to a manager but one wasn’t in so they told me to come the next day. Came the next day but “they were at lunch and would call me back”. Never got a call back and now I get a letter from a debt collector.

I would have never signed up for something that locked me into a contract. Thinking the initial term was questionable in the contract, I asked specifically if I could cancel … Read More

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Oct 02

Im in collections

I paid for a years worth of services that I never used. I kept getting charged because I guess I’m on some auto-month to month crap. The credit card they had expired so they started calling and calling, I finally answered and the lady tried to get me to update my credit card info. I told her no and that I wanted to cancel, she said someone would call me back, they didn’t. Ive got more important things to do so I forgot about all about it, they were not able to charge me anymore and I paid my 1 year “contract” term plus they got about 1000 dollars in unused services so I figured thats a pretty good deal … Read More

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Oct 02


I just received notice they have changed the $39 to $49 as I go every 3 times month…I now want out of this contract..I was told they had to pay the employees more money…they depend on tip’s..I have been going 2006 I no longer believe in them..I received no notice as I walked in last week? Even as they told me they e-mailed me as well as a home mail…I get notices all the time about??? How did you like your massage,as well as phone calls…I heard nothing about price increase …NOT HAPPY

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Aug 13

So you want to cancel?

Well you’re in luck! You can cancel your Massage Envy membership and it’s pretty easy.
First, if you’re out of the initial term you were conned into you can simply fill out their cancelation form and email, fax or drop it off. It is against their policies to force you to bring in a physical copy, simply reference their business policies and you’ll probably get an email address. You may also want to copy corporate at info@massageenvy.com, this ensures that the independently owned franchise doesn’t “lose the paperwork”. Don’t have or can’t get a form? No problem, you contract specifically states you just have to notify them to cancel the account and the form isn’t necessary. Again this can be … Read More

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Aug 06

Deceptive Advertising?

The way to become wealthy in corporate America is to get as much from your customers as possible while paying your workers as little as possible. Massage Envy does this well. Consider their advertising tactics. They frequently call their 50-minute massage a “one hour session.” Included in this hour is “dress time.” They should advertise their massages at 50-minutes (which is how long the therapist works on you if you are lucky), not an hour. With their “discounted rate” you pay about a dollar a minute for every minute the therapist is working on your body. If you shop around you will find other spas offering the SAME price, except they don’t lock you into a contract. In fact, other … Read More

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Aug 06

how to deal

I had a massage that was decent aside from the fact that the lady was telling me how horrible my back was for a 27 year old. the whole time making me feel like a grandma . they coaxed me into a what they call membership. after 4 days i looked over and saw it was a contract for 6 months. i decided i didnt have the money for this contract and that i better save my money for my doctor appointments. so i went to my bank and changed my card number. massage envy called a month later to get my updated info. i told them i was no longer a member there. they told me i signed a … Read More

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Aug 06

Unethical and unprofessional

I signed a six month contract and learned a big mistake. I only went a few times bc I felt like the male massage therapist was inappropriate by leaving my body uncovered during parts of the massage and touching me in areas outside of the understood zones. I’ve been having professional massages for 10+ years and very familiar with what is appropriate and what is not. In addition, I have continued to be charged the monthly fee after the contract ended. I’ve called the manager several times at Howell Mill and have never received a return phone call. My credit card company is now dealing with them. Very unprofessional and unethical establishment.

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Aug 06

I had a beer before massage -they said no massage

OMG, I am 50 years old have had massages every 3 weeks for years. Always had a glass of wine or a beer before hand- and mentioned to therapist-I am from OH – move to Naples- went massage envy got the so called contract had amassage- called month later schedule it was for 8:30pm I said great I will have sushi and a beer before hand- the lady who I spoke with said have two-lol.. I arrived for appoint told therapist I must go to restroom I had a beer- she said”I CAN’T GIVE YOU A MASSAGE IF YOU HAVE HAD ANYTHING TO DRINK” I thougth she was joking… well she said if I wouldn’t of said anything she would … Read More

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May 28


Just found out that after paying for 6 months if massages on my contract I have lost my final massage because I did not yes it within 30 days of canceling. You can say I didn’t read the contract but what kind of a fucking ripoff company would think about putting a clause in a contract that says you will pay us money and get nothing for it.

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