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Oct 02

Taking Advantage of Youth

In December of 2013, my 18-year-old daughter, was given permission to get one massage at the Massage Envy at Windward Parkway. Unbeknownst to her, Massage Envy entered her into a membership program. On February 23, 2014, I noticed that there had been recurring monthly charges of $59.00 and asked my daughter if she was aware that Massage Envy might have entered her into a membership. She did not know, and was very upset that she had been taken advantage of. I called and spoke to a manager and informed her of our circumstances. She apologized for the inconvenience and stated that she would begin the termination of membership process and confirmed such, in an email dated February 23, 2014. The … Read More

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Aug 13

Massage Envy Employee threatens me!

I was threatened today by Kristen and employee at the Hulen Street location in Fort Worth, TX, that Massage Envy would have a collection agency after me if I didn’t pay the back payments that my credit card would not okay since I had told my credit card company I wanted to cancel my subscription but no one would call me back and to cancel the automatic charges to my account. I tried to stop my membership the month after I signed up for the membership because I received a TERRIBLE massage from a novice and when I complained about the masseuse I was told that I had to pay or be charged for the service whether I was pleased … Read More

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Aug 06

Massasge Envy in Lafayette LA

I honestly see no reason to ever get a membership with Massage Envy. I should never have signed up with them. There is no benefit to it. In fact, getting a membership is likely to lose you money in the long run.

I just cancelled my account after having it for about 8 months. I signed up for an initial 6 months, not knowing that there would be auto renewal. I finally realized they were still charging me, called them, and found out that I couldn’t cancel over the phone. I had to visit their physical address to and sign paperwork to cancel. This is 2014! I can cancel damn near every subscription with the click of a button, but … Read More

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May 28

Organized Crime is kinder

Fiance and I purchased a membership as we both have back injuries and thought it would be a good idea. First massage was ok. Second massage resulted in pain for days, around the same time, we had new debit cards issued, so when massage envy called to update our payment that week, I explained we needed to cancel, had no problem providing a doctor’s note (which even said that my injuries were exacerbated as a direct result of their “therapy”). They offered to mail me a cancellation form, which I agreed to as it was difficult for me to get into the office in a reasonable time frame. They never mailed the cancellation form, proceeded to inundate my fiance and … Read More

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Feb 08


I called the corporate number listed here to cancel and they said they were open to 5pm MST. Its not yet that time and yet they don’t answer. I HATE THIS COMPANY.

I am trying to cancel because I traveled for an hour to get to my appointment and was there early sitting in the parking lot about 30 minutes prior to my appointment and they called me about 10 minutes till and cancelled my appointment. I was furious and have decided to cancel.

I feel like i’m in a Seinfeld episode where I want to charge them for not following an 24 hour cancellation policy.

– Can’t Cancel Quickly Enough Cate

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Jan 21


Massage Envy posted charges on my bank card without authorization. The bank account that was set up on my 6 month contract was with a different bank and a different financial services company. They “pushed” fraudulent charges on this unauthorized card 6 months after my cancellation. How they captured my other bank account is interesting, the last time I visited their location I had paid for additional service for a friend on this card. There are laws in place to protect consumers against banking fraud – Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for one is a great start for anyone that has a similar experience as I did.

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Jan 13

Traumatic Deception

I noticed a pattern of so-called “lost cancellations” and empty promises of refunds at “Masochist Evil” locations nationwide. (aka. Massage Envy) I was promised a refund if I followed “company policy” with a doctor’s note proving that I have PTSD. (I had already informed them of my condition back when I was first diagnosed.) The manager and assistant manager said they believed me, but that it was just company policy to provide a doctor’s note for the purpose of a refund. Then they made up a few different excuses as to why they refused to honor our agreement – outright lying, using circular reasoning and doubble-speak arguments for a long time. The manager said it had been too long (3 … Read More

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Sep 10

Cancellation Request Ignored

So I’ve had an account with Massage Envy for a little over two years. The massage experiences I’ve had have been great, and my interactions with front desk staff have been fine, but the management are a bunch of criminals.

Their requirements for cancellation after your first year, which is compulsory, are that you come into your location in person and fill out a cancellation request form. Then the manager is supposed to call you, and try to convince you to stay or freeze your account. You will be charged one more time after requesting a cancellation, which is bullshit, but whatever. I filled out my form on the 8th of August, after which I was charged at my customary … Read More

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Sep 09

How to Cancel

I signed up for a membership earlier this year. I recently lost my job and decided to go back to school. I wanted to cancel the membership bc I couldn’t afford it anymore. I went in person and explained my situation and asked about early termination fees.They said they could freeze my account until I was able to pay. I told them I won’t be able to pay indefinitely. They kept pushing to freeze my account. I asked them what would happen if I just didn’tever have the money to pay. They said my account would be suspended until I could pay (basically just force freeze it). I told them that I’m about to go back to school and would … Read More

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Aug 03

Exit Strategies

After a bad massage and last minute cancellation initiated by ME, I asked for contract buyout price. Technically I did not sign the contract, but I accepted the 1 year membership gift from my wife, so I believe I am obligated. I thought if I paid what the “house” would make for the remaining 9 massages they would let it go, but they refused. Now I’m looking for other exit strategies. Has anyone tried the following:

1. Arrange a massage each month but cancel the day of, but more than 2 hours before the massage. I was told this results in half the price of the massage being billed and kill that month’s obligation.

2. Make frequent reservations and reschedule … Read More

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