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Aug 06

Not Enough Therpists

One of the biggest reasons that people fall behind in being able to get in for massages is that most Massage Envy’s don’t have enough Therapists/Estheticians to accommodate all the members.

The Massage Ency that I worked at at one time had about 12 Therapists/Estheticians and about 1800 members.

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Jun 19

California Class Action Over Massage Forfeitures

I am Plaintiff’s counsel for a class action lawsuit against Massage Envy in San Diego Federal Court. The case is brought on behalf of California residents and challenges ME’s forfeiture of previously purchased massages when customers get behind on payments. The case is Hahn v. Massage Envy Franchising LLC, Case No. 3:12-cv-00153-DMS-BGS.

If you have had massages forfeited because you missed a monthly payment, had a credit card expire, etc., please share your experience as part of our case investigation. I can be reached at:

William R. Restis
501 West Broadway, Suite 1250
San Diego, CA 92101
Tel: 877-493-5366

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Jan 16

just the worst (from a therapist)

YAH!!!.. i quit about a month ag, heard about this website a couple days ago and decided to SAVE YOU ALL FROM THE HORROR.. this place sucks.. i have been working here for a couple years .. all i get is the runaround from these people.. i have been a good, hard-working employee and this b*** katherin trubitcho… what the hell ever her name is, doesnt even do her job. shes nice to your face then talks crap about you behind your back. this is not how you run someone elses company.
they tell you over and over again you NEED to get this person to sign up.
Its a numbers game, thats all they care about. They work therapists … Read More

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