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Oct 02

Former Front Desk

I worked as a sales associate at Massage Envy in Arizona for a year and a half. I was promoted at every review and was consistent with my sales. I was very close with my staff and therapists.

My problems developed six months before I quit, when my male boss was saying extremely sexually inappropriate things to me. I did not get one single apology from Massage Envy’s owner, who claims to be a “conservative, modest man”, and it took nearly one month for my male supervisor to be disciplined – and I got written up after I complained about his behavior. It took almost another month for management to fire this man. Again, I received no act of remorse, … Read More

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Aug 29


Spend your money elsewhere! Like your friendly neighbourhood CMT/RMT/LMT!!! Support local small business and slap corporate run franchises in the face!

Massage Envy herds you in like cattle – it’s a quick turn around because the more bodies come in the more beans some corporate ‘Joe/Joanna’ can count.

The sheets are changed between clients but I know for a fact the blanket that covers you may not have been changed for days!

Don’t blame the therapists; they are treated like Lithuanian Meat packers ca. 1932 – They have maybe 2 minutes to change out the room ready for the next client. It’s worth pointing out they may do 4-5 back to back massages before they get a meal break (not … Read More

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