I became a member at Massage Envy two years ago. I have always paid my monthly dues in time. However, just recently I called into make an appointment. I was told by the manager Emily( Concord NC Massage Envy), that my account had been suspended due to non payment for two months. When I asked her why this was, she replied that they had been trying to reach me. I asked her how, because I had not received any contact. She started pulling up my old information that had went out to date months ago!
I told her the new information again! I then proceeded to ask her if I could go ahead and make an appointment, since I had already a accrued 3 massages prior to them suspending my account. She told me that I no longer had access to these ALREADY PAID FOR MASSAGES!!! She told me that you can accrue massages but if you decide to stop paying every month, you will not be allowed to use the massages you have already paid for. WHAT?!?! I was blown away. When asking her if I can get the corporate office number, she began to harass me on the phone, refusing to give me the number. She started using analogies about AT&T service and how their minutes did not roll over so mine would not. After asking her several times after that to give me the number, she blurted the number out so fast I could not understand her. I asked her to repeat it and she did, telling me afterward that she was a manager and corporate would not hear my complaint. I called corporate and left a message. I am now writing this message.

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  • NoNameEsti

    Your account went “suspended” because you did not pay your monthly payments. I’ve worked front desk for years in addition to being an Esthetician.

    I used to be the manager that handled “suspended” accounts. I had to make calls to our suspended clients AT LEAST 2x per week AND email them if we had an email on file. I did this for each suspended client for THREE MONTHS before I was allowed to cancel their account. After 3 months if they still had chosen not to update their account by providing new/valid payment information we would even send them a letter in the mail letting them know that they had 2 weeks to respond with a final date before the account was closed and they would not have access to accrued credits.

    Usually, it’s simply that someone’s card expired a super easy fix just give me your updated expiration date and boom your unsuspended in a matter of seconds and now have access to your massages. Or, a client had fraud and canceled their debit/credit card but forgot to call us and update, again no big deal just provide me with a new card number and you’re good to go. However, there were clients that never gave us updated contact information so I was not able to reach them which is absolutely 150% not our fault. This is why you do things like fill out paperwork annually people! So that we have a current address, email etc, not because we’re trying to torture you but so we have YOUR CURRENT INFORMATION! That includes current health problems, injuries etc!

    Sounds like massage envy tried to contact you and you chose to ignore their voice mails. If they never emailed you, it’s probably because you did not provide an email address. Again, who’s fault is that?

    And if you went to gym that you paid monthly for and then stopped paying for three months would you really expect them to let you walk in and continue to go use their machines, pool, showers etc? No, you wouldn’t. That’s like going to a restaurant and eating your whole meal before saying you didn’t like it. We literally started telling guests we sell memberships to that we are just like a gym membership, seems to help you crazies understand a little better that if you don’t pay or choose to cancel you can’t keep using our facility!! WOW SHOCKING CONCEPT!