Ripped me off !!

Had to freeze my account due to extensive travel. I still had 3 hours of PREPAID services–attempted to use them for a massage appt. Found out I could not b/c once your freeze your account, you lose your membership Privileges. Such BULLSHIT and RIP OFF. They stole from me. I will just cancel my business altogether with this POS company. There are plenty of other places to get massages.

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  • Patrickwinz

    All you had to do was ask them to unfreeze the account go to your appointment and then call your clinic and refreeze it. I do it all the time as I have built up sessions. They would rather work with you to keep you as a member and use your sessions then loose you all together. But if you call in all angry and pissed off it’s likely they wont try to help you.