Rip Off!

I was somewhat disappointed. first of all, they told me they were relatively new and I had a hard time scheduling a ‘couples’ massage. When we finally got the date, I later got a call and was told my therapist had the day off and I would have to reschedule (I scheduled weeks in advance). I tried to avoid Valentines Day because I figured it would be busy but we ended up doing it on Valentines day. We got there and everyone was nice. By the time the girls came to get us, it was 8 minutes after my appointment. Then they took time to talk to us and then left the room for us to get undressed. When it was done, I looked at the clock and we were still shorted! I figured we would start from the time we got in the room. Basically, my appt was at 11. We were taken into the room at 1108. We had upgraded to the hot stone massage which was supposed to be 1 hr and 30 min. When done, the clock said 12:18! Now, even if my math was off, I don’t think that is even close to 1 hr and half. Then to make it worse, we were checking out and they told us the system was down. The only reason we went there was because we had gift cards and wanted to try it out. They said they would take our card numbers down and call us with the balance etc. Well we had 3 gift cards, the hot stone massages came up to about $146 (still 4 dollar balance). I called today and all my cards are at $0! AND I never got an email with receipt or a phone call. I would not go back here again. I don’t know if all the stores are like this one but from what I read below, they rip you off not only on time but on gift cards. And if they tell you they will call you or there system is down – forget it. Go elsewhere. Update – not only have I not received a receipt. They zeroed out my gift cards AND charged my credit card. So not only was I ripped off on some of my gift cards, they charged me for an additonal massage! REALLY?! When I called to speak with the manager, not only was I quoted a different price for the hot stone massage – not they are saying it is $100 and not $72 for the first visit, but I was told the manager would not be in and there was NOBODY there that could help me. Massage Envy will not be getting any more of my money! It went from bad to worse!spoke to a Christina (who says she is the only person that I can talk to). She said my card would not be credited because on the website it says the price. Well, I double checked the website, the $100 was for a 2 hr massage. I never even got the 1 1/2 massage! She said it was on the website and I will NOT be getting a credit. I also questioned her about why I was quoted a different price and that at checkout, the girl verbally told me the total amount (which would have been correct to what I was quoted)/ I told her I was shorted time and she asked if I addressed it that day. Really? They obviously don’t read their reviews or they would see that I am not the first person to complain about being shorted or overcharged. why isn’t it possible to give negative stars?

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  • Guest

    wow that sucks.

  • Martha Marti Grisell

    Massage Envy:I tried to cancel my contract which was not to start for several days, and they would not cancel it. Do not do business on a contract basis. I reported them to pay pal and to mastercard