poor sales tactics ..bordering criminal

My sister inlaw is a manager at massage envy..she is exceptional at deep tissue and in 20yrs of enjoying massages at various businesses, I have yet to find a therapist as good as her. So, with this being said, I went into the local massage envy where she works and spoke to a manager about getting a massage. I paid regular price and when I came out he spoke to me about signing up for a yr. I said I wasn’t the type to commit to contract because my massages were based on my training regiment (I could go a yr without one or need one every week). He said he would give me family rates because of my sister inlaw and would only commit me to 6months. I said I would do it because it was too good to pass up, but i insisted that I wasn’t interested in a longer committment. He said no problem. I went back the following week and had another massage….after 6 months of them pulling funds from my account I had the rest of my massages “saved up”. On the 7th month they billed me again. I called them and asked why…they said the first 2 massages didn’t count because of a 30day grace period. I said that was ridiculous, but even so, they have hit me for 7 additional charges outside the first 2. (follow me?)…so she said “well, you’ve only been charged for 6 additional months which is within your contract”…I said, “walk me through the 6 months of charges and the dates”. After she did, she realized clearly that I was charged for a 7th month. She immediately changed her story and said that I had to submit in writing that I wasn’t going to extend my contract. I said, again, that this was absurd and that I had a 20 min conversation with the manager when i signed up clearly stating that I only wanted 6 months and not a day more. She said she would look into it and if my contract was terminated that I had 30 days to use the 5 (6) massages I had saved up. I said that this was NEVER said to me when I joined and that their tactics were less than honorable. I said any paperwork I signed after spending all that time was signed in good faith based on the conversation with the manager. If there was something different in the contract that the manager knew he was going to hold me to outside of the context of our conversation then he most certainly should have brought it to my attention and I would have given them a written cancellation the day I signed up stating 6months was the max.  I also said I wanted the last charge credited back to my account since I no longer use that account and there were no funds in it. It was left open simply to finish out my six month contract…now I’m dealing with fees from the bank. no one has gotten back to me and I’ll be heading up there shortly to speak with them face to face.

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  • Tiffany

    Hey! So when you sign up your account is automatically set up to be on “auto-renew” this means after your initial required term (ie: the 6 months you singed up for) the system continues to bill you on a month to month basis with the understanding that you can cancel at any time. The cancellation policy (it’s just now changing in the last three months but some clinics might not be caught up yet) was that after you canceled you have 30 days to use what is left on your account before it all expires. When you were singed up he should have taken you off auto renew – because it is the default state of the membership. This all should have been gone over with you on the contract you signed – as well as the cancellation policy and the amount of time you have to use those sessions.
    I hope it all worked out and I’d encourage you not to write off regular massage – he should have explained all of that to you but I promise not all clinics are out scam.

    • Noneuknow

      This is BS. Auto renewing a contract is not legal unless the person chooses this on the initial contract. Yes, it is a scam. The reason Massage Envy has these contracts is so they make money on all the people who signed up but don’t go. Like a gym membership. People have the monthly fee automatically deducted, and those who cannot get out of their contract think they will just pay till it runs out. BUT NO!! ME auto renews so people who don’t check their credit card accounts are charged for months until the customer realizes they’ve been charged for hundred of dollars. The customer then goes into cancel and realizes they have sessions left. BUT AGAIN HERE’s another scam, one cannot get their credited massages if they cancel their membership. They know people will not take this to small claims court, but I wish people would. The managers are always coming up with another ploy as to why you can’t cancel or use their unused massages or why they owe a fee or have to pay for massages even through ME employees Donny show up. A contract for massages is not like buying a house. This company has hooked onto a business model that will eventually take them down. Shame on you for supporting this store. Go work for a legitimate company.