Jan 13

Legal Requirements For Disclosure

My sister purchased a gift massage for me and I decided I would rather use the money to purchase something else. On the receipt that they provided to my sister there is no legal disclosure that you can’t return the gift certificate. I have called and explained to them 3 time that they are breaking a consumer disclosure law and they simply say that is our policy.
So I contacted corporate and after I spoke with one person they transferred my call into a general voice mail.
I will not drop this and I am filing a complaint with consumer affairs, better business bureau and any other state organizations.
What is odd about this company is that it is simple … Read More

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Jan 13

Never work here

Ok so I was a member at Massage Envy and one day decided to apply for a job. I was called the next day to take an assessment and then after the assessment apparently indicated that I would have good “sales” skills, the manager called me, didn’t even interview me but told me I had gotten the job because of this damn survey that literally took about 1 minute. Then I was handed a page long script and told that I had 48 hours to memorize it WORD FOR WORD, which I did, even though it sounded fake as hell. I started training and I was made to pretend with the other trainees that we were greeting customers, talking on … Read More

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Jan 13


I won 12 gifts cards for a massage & 12 gifts cards for a facial .. Free of charge. Cards each say good for a 1 hr facial & 1 hr massage. I used one in August & had a facial today. When I went to check out they told me today that my charge would be $49. I said “what”? It’s supposed to be free. They said I only got it free last time because it was my first visit & after that if I didn’t become a “member” that I would have to pay the additional $49 for non members. I raised a fuss about it because I won these gift cards & they said good for a … Read More

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Jan 13

Agents Lied. Then sent to collections

Short version: I went a few months ago and had a good massage. signed up for a membership being told I could cancel anytime. I then canceled only to be to do couldn’t and was locked into a year contract. I went in to speak to a manager but one wasn’t in so they told me to come the next day. Came the next day but “they were at lunch and would call me back”. Never got a call back and now I get a letter from a debt collector.

I would have never signed up for something that locked me into a contract. Thinking the initial term was questionable in the contract, I asked specifically if I could cancel … Read More

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Jan 13

bad first experience

My husband and I scheduled our first couples massage on Dec 13th. When we show up everything is cool, we get greeted , the atmosphere was pleasant and we were embracing the moment just going with the flow, then right when its time for our session to begin, the therapist calls my name first, and I tell her oh and my husband too? She looks at me like I am wrong and says , ‘no just you” and I politely tell her No, I booked a couples massage. And she walks off mumbling ‘well it AINT gonna happen today! ” and I turn to look at my husband like , wtf did she really just say this! ” and so … Read More

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Jan 13

Worst Company Ever, Need An Oregon Class Action Lawsuit

I was given a gift for Christmas from Massage Envy which I ended up keeping for 2 years. At the end of the two years the credit card that the monthly payment was being charged to which was my girlfriends had expired and I told her that I would just call and cancel the membership since the massages were horrible anyways. So I called the Cedar Hills Location since that was the closest to my house and they told me that I had to call the Tualatin location. I called the Tualatin location and they told me that I had to drive from my house in Aloha Oregon all the way to Tualatin to cancel my membership and that I … Read More

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Jan 13

No Envy Here

The Massage Envy site in this complaint is located at 6601 N. Davis Hwy, Pensacola, FL. I attempted to leave a comment but did not see it so I will leave my story here, as well. Thank you for this information and will send emails to all the corporate listed above and a complaint will also be filed with the BBB. I sent my daughter in for a one-hour massage and she came out with a one-year membership unbeknownst to her. My daughter stated she was very verbal about not wanting to make another appt at that time despite the sales pitches from two people after her 45-minute massage (and not the 1hr I paid for). Even though she should … Read More

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Oct 10

freezing- feeling the client you mean!

So I signed a contract back in july, then had an emergency where I wasn’t going to be able to pay the first month. I called and spoke to an employee about freezing my account. She told me it was no problem, so I assumed that it was taken care of. Almost three months later I received a letter from a collection agency for past due amounts. When I called and spoke to the owner, she claimed they couldn’t freeze my account because I hadn’t made a payment. She also claimed they had called me numerous times, but I checked my call log and only had one missed call from them that I never realized was from them! Now they … Read More

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Oct 10

No go

I had no idea the rates went up…as told they e-mailed me,,,tThey said they sent me a letter…I received neither have been with them 7 year’s…I was a valued customer,sometimes went 3 times a month alway’s has 2 hours as I went not for relaxing…I went as my disks and muscles needed it…and they are very good at there work…But to spend almost $125-$175 including tip is way way out of my reach…But was told the increase was to pay for the employee’s…they depend on tip’s and believe me this will fall into play…From a Loyal customer that way feels burned!!!…

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