Jan 19

New class action suit filed against Massage Envy in Florida

MIAMI (Legal Newsline) – A recently filed class action lawsuit filed against a national massage chain alleged the company’s business practices were unfair and deceptive because it won’t honor prepaid massages for customers who cancel their memberships.

Fumiko Robinson filed the lawsuit against Massage Envy Franchising on Nov. 26 in Broward County Circuit Court in Florida. It was removed to U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida on Jan. 5.

Patrons pay $59 per month to Massage Envy for one massage per month, the lawsuit said. The prepaid massages that can’t be scheduled during the month roll over to the next month. However, if the customer cancels the membership, they can’t receive those rolled over massages, the complaint … Read More

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Jan 13


WHY even sign up ??
I have been having a no strings attached membership $49.99 for years. EVERY 6 MONTHS you can visit the same Massage Envy Location for the “Introductory Price ” so, choose 6 different locations, should you have that many in your area. And there you go ! No membership! Cheaper than what people who DO have memberships pay :0D

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Jan 13

I work here

I work at Massage Envy as a front desk associate. The things I’ve seen go on or have been forced to be apart of in order to keep my job are repulsive. The managers do not give one shit about the clients. They just care about numbers, sales and good reviews. Personally if I didn’t need this job I would never set foot near a message envy in my life. It’s a terribly ruin business all around. I just wanted to clarify that us employees are completely aware of the bullshit and terrible service thatvis provided but unfourtantly some of us need these jobs. I’m sorry

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Jan 13

do not work here

I have never been to an interview where I had to tell the hiring person about the job. They asked me, “Do you even know what this job requires?” They talked to me like I was stupid, and very disrespectful. Then they bashed Woodhouse which was so rude and inappropriate. I told them my mother was a massage therapist there and they still proceeded to bash it. I was very shocked at how unprofessional everyone looked and dressed, their style was horrible, and it was literally one of the worst interviews I have ever had. The hiring assistant should be fired because she made me very uncomfortable, and I do not reccommend anyone go to massage envy!

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Jan 13


I’ve never been a customer at Massage Envy. I have my reasons, some of which coincide with those that make me want to avoid working there. I am going to graduate massage school soon however and ME is the first place to call me back. I’ll try to get to the point.
I’ve been to two interviews for a sales associate position and i have been hired. The location I am going to work for is in Montgomery County, MD and they are not open yet because of something about the Fire Marshall. The supervisors have stayed in contact with us though. They keep pushing the opening date back and bothering us about online training. I feel like they are … Read More

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Jan 13

will it ever end?

I had(have) a membership with a certain location, but I’ve moved since then. It’s been MORE THAN A YEAR and they still refuse to transfer my account to a new location. So I froze my account so that I didn’t have to pay a location where I wasn’t getting massages. I kept asking for the correct forms from BOTH locations and nothing is being done about it! Now I’m still getting calls from a location where I don’t even live, and they want my money. I’ve explained I don’t know how many times that I don’t even live there. At least 4 people have said they would email me the appropriate paperwork to get transferred, but it hasn’t happened.

I … Read More

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Jan 13


So after walking into Massage Envy and being asked if I wanted membership and I said NO. I paid for 3 massages in advance and used them in 1 month. I wasn’t watching my credit card bill but these fucking scam artists started charging me a membership fee for 6 months. Erin Jackson is the regional manager and she tried to asked like this is the first time this has ever happened. BULLSHIT it happens all the time. Employees are promised bonuses if their caught they will deal with it then. PS they hire sexual predictors

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Jan 13


I have been a member of Massage Envy for years. With the passage of time, I used their services less and less. I found other massage therapists that provided much higher quality service (and they actually delivered an hour massage instead of 45-50 minutes at Massage Envy). After accruing many “credits” for services I never used, I canceled my membership. Canceling is another hassle. The franchise tells me they don’t have a “procedure” to credit my account for fees that posted today. Total BS. Any vendor that accepts credit cards has the ability to credit charges back to an account holder. Yet another hassle with this company that is far more interested in billing your credit card every month that … Read More

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