Jan 19

Do not join this organization

After registering for a massage and receiving their confirmation email, that also stated they would call to confirm, I never heard from them. The day before the massage, I called to confirm. They claim they never heard of me or my appointment. Then wanted me to sign up for a membership and take an appoint not convenient to me. The person answering the phone was rude and could care less about customer service. He would not let me speak to a manager or customer service. So, I have resorted to writing bad reviews. I do not recommend this franchise as they do not want customers.

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Jan 16

Attempted Sexual Assualt

Went to massage Envy in Avondale, said I wanted deep tissue, my back only…needless to say he states he does “structual” which means no lotion or oil. The entire massage consisted of him pulling muscles from each breast area (I was Face down) but he was pulling so hard my arm and chest came right up off the table, he continued to feel in the area under my arm and then asks, “how long have you had your implants” So the entire time he was looking at and massaging the sides of my breasts!! I was never so violated in my life!! I went in and filed a complaint and the results of the investigation is, they are going to … Read More

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Jan 12

Overall FACTS about M.E.

I used to work front desk at a ME franchised location for over 2 years and all I can say is the worse the owner of the location is, the WORSE the service you will get. A lot of owners that dip into this franchise are amateurs at running a business and managing people. They will tell the customer one thing, then tell the staff something completely different and when the staff puts policy in motion, all the owner will do is tell the client what they want to here, regardless of whether it is the truth or not and therefore make their own staff look completely incompetent. BE WARNED!

Also know, their therapists only get paid for the massages … Read More

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Jan 12

Lousy Service @ Surprise, AZ location

The Massage Envy on Bell Road in Surpise, AZ is run by completely incompetent individuals. They are not able to pull up transfer credits on the computer when I transfer pre-paids to my 80 year old mother for a facial. I will NEVER do business with this Massage Envy again. They have made the SAME mistake both times, and have ARGUED with me as a customer. This is the most poorly run location I have ever done business with, and I am DONE. Your manager, Kim, and her incompetent receptionist, Destiny, should be fired for their lack of ability to run a customer service oriented business.

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Jan 08

I was sexually assaulted by a Massage Envy therapist

On December 27, 2011 I went to Massage Envy for a 2 hour massage. I have chronic migraines and upper back and neck pain so what should have been an appt of healing and relaxation was anything but that. The massage therapist at massage envy sexually assaulted me. I have been getting massages for the last 12 years at massage envy, cruise ships, resorts, ect. Therefore this was not something that can be chalked up as a misunderstanding or an overreaction on my part. I’m well aware of what is and isn’t an appropriate place to touch or expose. I left the facility in shock, confused, foggy, disgusted, felt dirty, gross and in disbelief. I reported the incident immediately and … Read More

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Jan 07

I Get Better Massages From My 6 Year Old Cousin

The last few months, my experiences have been HELL at Massage Envy. I am a member, and every time I call and ask who is available I feel like they just hand me off to the ONE person who never has any appointments, and WHO IS HORRIBLE. I am 23 and am okay with having a guy give me a massage if he knows what he’s doing. The last FOUR men that I have had did the most unconventional massages EVER. NO LOTION, rubbing my back in the same spots causing me to have BURNS, and one man even thought it would be okay to, oddly enough, stick his hands up my armpits, without asking if it was okay, IT … Read More

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Jan 07

Rip off!

I received a gift card for Massage Envy and upon my first visit I paid $39. Because I did not sign up for a membership my next massage will cost me $98!! Absurd!! I can get three massages from any independent massage therapist for that price! When you DO try to get an appointment they always ask you if you are a member; if you are not a member you can’t get an appointment for days! And they WILL TELL YOU that if you are a member you can get in sooner! It’s all about filling those big corporate wallets! Don’t give this greedy corporation any more business!!!

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Jan 06

Ex Employee of Massage Envy

One of my good friends worked at the front desk of a massage envy. It was her first job so she took what she could get. after three weeks of her working there she would just repeat the same script over and over again for a membership. They completely drilled it into her brain. When I asked her why she kept repeating it she told me it was because she had to get 40 membership sales a week or she would be fired. That is just completely ridiculous to me. High pressure sales are why I avoid most places and I’m sure i’m not the only one. These people need to get their shit together!

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Dec 28

Frog Position

I am glad to see I was not the only one out there feeling like they had done me wrong. I went in there needing some relief but not in that way.

He straddled me on top and said it was therapy. I was shocked and said I do not think so. His hands were so rough I thought he had gloves on. It turned me right around. I did get most of my money back and I will NEVER GO TO MASSAGE ENVY AGAIN! Unless my body is donated to them after I die to use as a practice tool. (Now there is an idea) Lol.

Seriously, I am a caregiver and this changed what I do. Now I … Read More

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Dec 28

walmart of massages

Let me tell you massage envy blows at both ends! I am a therapist, been a therapist for 4 years. I began working at a massage envy right out of school. I quickly built my clientele up to more than 100 massages a month, 89% request. A year in decided to get my own office so I could grow in my career. The owner of the franchise I worked at fired me. In addition to firing me, accused me of stealing products!! Well 9 months later or so massage envy contacted me to come work for them because some of their clients were asking for me. I took the job (2 days a week) and a year later management changed! … Read More

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