May 03


I am a LMT with 13 years experience. I work her only to have a regular paycheck. Have been here since this location opened, have not had a raise, no insurance, overworked, no respect, or appreciation for our hard work. If you Bring up the promise of a raise you get the “you can be replaced” speech. Under paid under valued, I hear complaints from clients all the time about over charging and many continue to leave.

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Apr 16

I’m over it..

I go to beauty school and with as much time we are in our feet I thought this would be a wonderful gift to myself. Well I forgot about my massages adding up and some girlfriends and I were discussing it and I was like, hey I think I have some massage credits, it will only be 10 dollars each for me to transfer to you all because I have already paid for them. We all have different schedules on our day off which is Monday, so when I called they said I can just give them the names an locations to where I want. So cool, I call my friends all excited, see what times work for them. I … Read More

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Mar 27

Paid for and Lost!

I’ve been a member for at least 2 years never missing a payment. I was unable to use all 6 of the last contract before it expired as I was out of commission for 2 months. I was told they would honor all prepaid visists. NOT TRUE! I was told, too bad, you are encouraged to use them and if you don’t….oh, well you’ve paid for them anyway. I suggest you run not walk away from Massage Envy.

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Mar 13

LMT at Massage Envy

I have worked at ME for 4 yrs. I had to fight like hell to get a 50 cent raise from the owner. Now I make 16 dollars per massage. I do not get health insurance, I do not get paid vacations or sick days. Last yr ME raised the prices by ten dollars, but that has not encouraged the owner to stand by his word and give us all the raises he kept promising. DO NOT PATRONIZE this place…LMT’s are treated VERY badly. I would like to cite more examples but they would ID me very clearly to the owner. I am starting my own practice and taking some clients with me. These are the clients who are horrified … Read More

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Mar 11

Is it true that we get what we pay for?

I love the picture at the top of this page…a serene client on the table, expecting to get a great, relaxing massage with an angry massage therapist streaming oil on her back. In truth, I’m sure that fits the scene much of the time.

I know massage therapists who have worked at Massage Envy, and every one of them came to dislike their job. Who wouldn’t? Low pay for hard work, and not being paid unless they did work (but were expected to be on site anyway). What a wonderful energy exchange, to have an angry, resentful therapist working on YOUR body!

Is it true that we get what we pay for? Isn’t there always a catch when things seem Read More

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Feb 28

Sexual Discrimination to Employees

First of all, I want to make it painfully clear that you can find horrible massage therapists anywhere (the absolute worst I’ve ever had was at a non-chain) and there’s good and bad MTs at every Massage Envy. Massage therapists who work at ME are local therapists (do you think they ship us in from some factory like t-shirts?)

Secondly, It’s incredibly hard for a solo therapist (especially a male therapist) to compete with a corporation that has a ten million dollar marketing budget. I’ve been a therapist for seven years and for most of that time I avoided applying for a job there, and the first time I did, I asked the owner how much massage experience he had. … Read More

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Feb 28


I think it has been really enlightening reading another users post that used to work there. Post is here:

I called in to cancel, and they wouldnt even put my account on hold until I could pay the $55 for a month I hadn’t even used yet. By the time I was able to pay it, they hit my credit card for almost $150 in charges, maxing out my card and causing overlimit fees. They are shady, the management was awful and condescending, and the owner wouldnt even pick up the phone to talk to me.

I will never go to this place again and have been actively spreading the word on how awful they are for the last … Read More

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Feb 20

They don’t provide a service

I am very dissatisfied with the Massage Envy business model and have just canceled my membership. I opened my membership in Colorado but live in another state. The Massage Envy in Boulder was fine but I can never get an appointment at the one closest to me – even when trying to schedule several days in advance. Then when I do get there, I see half rooms are empty! The receptionist told me that they are starting to hire more therapists now. Obviously, the business model is to get people to take a yearly membership but then make the customers twist their schedules to get the services!

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Jan 25

Bait and Switch

Company uses bait and switch tactics to get your business. They tell you that they have an introductory price for your first visit, then after the massage is over they charge full price. They are not very honest with potential clients and make all sorts of excuses after service is provided to not give the discount provided. I was told it must have been a training issue, their computer won’t allow them to make changes, etc.. They make no effort to rectify the situation and basically treat you like scum. Stay away from this business they will cheat you out of your money.

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