Jul 22

Massage Envy Hillsboro Oregon

I am furious with this company.  I was promised when I signed up for the membership that they would not have the monthly fees automatically deducted from my account that I could pay them when I came in for my massage.  Not true.  They kept my credit card information that I used for my first visit prior to signing a contract.  When I approached them they refused to stop the automatic withdrawl.  I used the six month membership and gave them 30 days notice, filled out the necessary paper work and accommonied that with a letter and a phone call.  They assured me that it was taken care of and my membership had been cancelled.  Not the case.  They have … Read More

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Jul 05

Letter from Former Employee

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist who worked for the Turtle Crossing’s Massage Envy clinic in Coral Springs, FL from February 2011 to July 1, 2012. My husband was also employed by this clinic, although he only worked one shift per week. On July 1, after our shift, we were brought into the office together by one of the therapists, who I assume has been given management responsibilities, to be ‘let go’. We were given the vague reason of it being ‘not a good fit’, which she continued to repeat when we asked for a specific reason. First of all, it was quite unprofessional to lump us together, just because we are married. We are individuals with individual work ethics. … Read More

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Jun 14

Massage Envy took my money and no massage!

I recently visited the Massage Envy office at Miami Lakes, FL. I was received by a young girl at the front desk. I gave her my info and requested to use my last service of 6 which I had already paid for. I was told my membership was expired. I explained that I had paid for all six and wanted to use the last for a facial at the Miramar office. she walked to the back office were I assume the manager was located. the associate returned. Again I was told my membership was expired and i would not be treated. I turned to a young lady who was standing next to me and told her not to sign a … Read More

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Jun 11

Yes! labor laws

I agree. Worked to death. No breaks in between. When I was hired I was told that I would be paid far differently. When I got my first paycheck I was appalled. Then the other employees told me they all got lied to like that. So please customers have compassion on the overworked therapists. Seems the long time therapists have learned to keep their mouth shut. The ones that hang on in there participate in mob bullying mentality and get rid of therapists that pose a competitive threat.

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Jun 04

$100 Stolen From Us By Massage Envy

My fiance and I signed up for a membership so that we would be able to have monthly couples massages. We noticed after a few months that my fiance was missing massages we had paid for but not received. Massage Envy Sherman Oaks quickly noticed that a Massage Envy in Colorado had a client with the same exact name as my fiance and that my fiance’s credits had been going to this woman with the same name. More than 4 months have passed and we still have not resolved this issue. Now we can’t have massages together because we are missing credits. No one disputes the fact that there was a “mix up” between locations but Massage Envy of Sherman … Read More

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May 22

Labor Laws

Someone really needs to remind that place that they are expected to follow the same labor laws as any other company. I was a therapist for many years there and seems they believe that they are above the law. One thing I remember was breaking my foot working on a client and I was told, ” just tape it up and finish your day.” Any respectable company would have done the proper paperwork and sent the worker to urgent care. If this is how they treat the most requested therapist, I cant imagine how the customers are treated.

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May 15

Worst Business EVER!!!

I have a membership with this AWFUL place. I am very busy and havent been able to make any appointments to use my monthly massages. Because of this, I have 7 just sitting there so I wanted to “gift” them to a friend. This friend has been before and they told me that he can only go once every 6 months. But heres a NEWSFLASH I PAY 60.00 a month so who in the hell are they to tell me who I can send to use what I have paid for. Needless to say I will not be re-newing my contract and I advise anyone else to stay away from them. They take your money then tell you what you … Read More

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May 11

Professional Con Artists…BEWARE! Baton Rouge, Citiplace Location

This was my recent email to the company and franchise administrator. FYI..Humphrey and Bennewitz email came back ” Delivery Failure” .

Upon moving to Baton Rouge in August 2011, I signed up for your membership plan. As you can see from my account, by reviewing the frequency and number of services I have been able to use, I have not been able to use them up in a consecutive monthly basis. You on the other hand make sure to collect your fee in a timely manner. I have made numerous attempts to book appointments and it seems you NEVER have time or space available. I have complained multiple times over the phone regarding NEVER being able to book a massage … Read More

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