Only worked there two weeks;

I had been unemployed and actively seeking employment for about five months after a recent cross-country military move. This was the first place that called me and I really shouldn’t have accepted the position.

Minimum wage starting pay is insulting. I guess it goes up a dollar after training, but that’s still a joke. Paycheck really depends on commission. Unpaid computer training done at home prior to starting, which I’m sure is against some labor law. I also didn’t need to take a drug test beforehand. The only person who cared about my training was the manager that hired me, and she left a week later due to a cross-country move. SUPER HIGH TURNOVER. Hours were all over the place, no consistency. I was only there for two weeks.

The location I worked at was owned by a married couple; we’ll call them “D” and “V”. I had met “V” only once last week when she was on and out real quick. They want to micromanage, but not be present at either of the two locations they own. They own both of the Clarksville, TN clinics. They’ll access the security cameras and computer system from home and call the clinic about what’s going on, but won’t come in to fix anything. They’ll also change employee schedules and not tell them. Not ok.

I only met “D” today when he came in to let me go. I was giving my notice anyway, so it didn’t matter. He told me he had heard some things about me, and wanted to get my side of things. Other people had told him that I said I was hungover one day and wasn’t really “giving my all”. I did say that, but if my coworkers can’t take a joke, then I don’t want to be there. He has also heard that I had been using profanity while there were clients in the lobby. I never so much as socialized with my coworkers when there was someone in the lobby, much less use profanity. I told him other people have done the things I was being accused of, but I’m not one to throw others under the bus. He also said that I’m not “catching on” as quickly as I should be. I told him that no one is bothering to train me and I’m pretty much on my own. I also expressed to him that I’m not ok with being a pushy sales person; if someone doesn’t want a membership, they want to know why. If the still resist, they want us to keep pushing. They also want to know why people cancel appointments; it’s none of our business. They just want to know so they can determine whether or not to charge them the cancelation fee, which they will still do regardless of the reason. We agreed that it’s not a good place for me. He wrote me my last check and I left.

Therapists and estheticians get ZERO downtime between appointments, unless there’s a gap in their appointments. They are INCREDIBLY overworked. The people we got in there also didn’t tip very well at all.

Encountered members every day that want to cancel memberships. It’s like pulling teeth to cancel. And our membership manager didn’t want to deal with them.

They also hired a massage therapist that is still in school and doesn’t have her license yet. Of course, she won’t be working until she is licensed, but she’s still been going through her training.

I did also felt quite picked on as the new person. Bathrooms need to be checked every hour, and I was usually the one to do it. Only one other person I worked with was over the age of 24, and these children that run the place were all pretty power-trippy. Not a lot of teamwork there. I’m also not a doormat and refuse to be pushed around by someone whose never had a job before or has only been there a month.

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  • Ashley

    Wow that sounds really shady. Surprised that no one from those locations hasn’t contacted the BBB. I’m pretty sure it is illegal for someone to practice massage without a license. I worked for ME for a short time, and experienced the same deal;underpaid, overworked workers, pushy sales practices, overbearing, power hungry management. How ME has managed to stay afloat as a company is anyone’s guess.

  • tiredmt

    I’m so tired of working for them. They treat everyone like they are just cash cows. The owner at my location doesn’t feel like anyone deserves health insurance or 401k. But she sure drives around in her BMW and is building her new mansion while the rest of us work our hands to the bone! And to boot, she puts up facebook posts about how her daughter worked from open to close in one day. Aww, poor baby who I found out from the Clinic Administrator that she makes $7000 a month. Meanwhile, we have full time therapists who are on food stamps. After years of working for them I still don’t get their business model!