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I had no idea the rates went up…as told they e-mailed me,,,tThey said they sent me a letter…I received neither have been with them 7 year’s…I was a valued customer,sometimes went 3 times a month alway’s has 2 hours as I went not for relaxing…I went as my disks and muscles needed it…and they are very good at there work…But to spend almost $125-$175 including tip is way way out of my reach…But was told the increase was to pay for the employee’s…they depend on tip’s and believe me this will fall into play…From a Loyal customer that way feels burned!!!…

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  • Liz

    Prices are decided by each individual place of business, not corporate. For example, in ME NYC compared to ME NJ, the prices are much higher.
    Any business can change their prices at any time (it’s also in your contract that you signed and initialed). If you went as often as you said, it wouldn’t have been hard to notice the giant sign by the front desks stating the prices – or maybe you should check your card statement once in a blue moon.
    Sorry that you feel this way, but any business can do this and your oversight is your fault.

    • MEdude

      Actually they are determined by corporate and generally set by region. You quit or were fired, why do you keep commenting?

      • mk

        why do you care?

    • SupportYourLocalTherapists

      The prices ARE uniform across the board, with the exception of CA,NY, & HI (higher evaluation states) It seems every two years the raise the price by $1 or $.99 I remember when it waa $19.99 FOR AN INTRODUCTORY SESSION.
      My advice, support the Therapists and your community, who DO THE WORK, go on ‘Thumbtack’ or place an add on your own and that way if you still need to go 3 times a week you can negotiate a deal with a therapist. Hope this helps, good luck !

      • mk

        Prices are NOT uniform across the board. They vary from region to region. The reason the prices go up tiny increments over is to support the infrastructure growth necessary as the business continues to grow.

    • Brent Thompson

      Don’t listen to her. She is a troll screwing with people across the board and a former employee.