No Envy Here

The Massage Envy site in this complaint is located at 6601 N. Davis Hwy, Pensacola, FL. I attempted to leave a comment but did not see it so I will leave my story here, as well. Thank you for this information and will send emails to all the corporate listed above and a complaint will also be filed with the BBB. I sent my daughter in for a one-hour massage and she came out with a one-year membership unbeknownst to her. My daughter stated she was very verbal about not wanting to make another appt at that time despite the sales pitches from two people after her 45-minute massage (and not the 1hr I paid for). Even though she should have read what she was signing, we feel they used some unethical business practices in an effort to obtain the signature like telling her the paperwork she was signing was relative to the massage she had already had. They took advantage of a young naive student. I dealt with an unprofessional manager named Amy (who declined to offer a last name) who stated I needed to teach my daughter such life lessons. I informed her they did not have authorization to charge my card for future services not received. She finally consented to cancel the membership but would not credit a recent charge for the first month. I told her I would file a dispute with my card company claiming fraudulent charges, a complaint with corporate and the BBB and inflict a barrage of negative comments on the Internet and social media. She promised to call back within 48hrs and never did. I told her she had one week to provide the credit or I would proceed with all the above. If she loses even one membership because of my comments, she will have lost 12x’s the amount she could have credited ($59.99) times the number of all the memberships of all the people who choose to take their business elsewhere. There are simply too many other choices in Pensacola to tolerate such unfair and unethical business practices. Let the emails begin and the chips fall where they may.

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