MN Class Action going yet?

I see California and Florida both have class actions going on the subscription model. Wondering if anyone in MN is starting one? My wife got duped into the subscription and there appears to be no way out despite our attempts to cancel. They’ve even threatened credit collection if we cancel the card that is associated with the subscription. Seems very like a bizarre business model to me and we plan to review with an attorney. If there is something already going in MN or if others have already reviewed the contract with their attorney / attempted to resolve dispute with local franchise please post.

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  • Nunya

    If you cancel the card and don’t sign an updated Payment Authorization form, they can’t do anything but give you empty threats. They were also told to stop using collections sometime last year. The best they can do is send you an email politely asking you to update your billing information.

    • Ali

      Is this for a certain state or everywhere?

  • massage envy is the worst

    Yep, just cancel the card on associated on the account. They don’t send anything to collections, it’s a completely empty threat.

  • LucyForever123

    They still send you to collections but it’s a special kind of collections that doesn’t affect your credit card. Like the other lady said, they’re not allowed to report you to the credit bureau. It’s a similar collections process as medical bills in Minnesota. They cannot affect your credit score.