Membership Cancellation Loophole

I moved from being a customer of one franchise in southern CA to another when I moved out of state. It took 6 months for them to transfer my membership to the local store. Once they did, not 1 of many credit cards I gave them would “work in their system”. As the location would not get their act together, I’ve just let my membership lapse as they told me not to worry about it and they would keep trying. Now I am “behind on payments”, which they consider a debt. I also have 4 unused massage appointments, which I also can’t utilize until I become current. They are threatening to send my account to collections. I cannot cancel unless I become “current” with my account. This is ludicrous. I do not “owe” them money. I was not able to utilize their services during the time they “could not” charge any of my credit cards, per their policy. Therefore, I could not utilize their services, hence I do not owe them anything for a service I was not able to utilize.

So far I have been unable to get a hold of anyone at their “customer service” blackhole and none of their corporate officers extensions or emails are answered. Some are just plain disconnected. This is a scam based on a situation that is impossible to resolve without being exploited. I have filed with BBB and submitted my complaints to their entire corporate staff. I doubt they will respond.

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  • Kris

    i currently work at a massage envy now in NC and i do not know if the rules apply every where but as far my understand we do not report to credit agencies, so not paying your account should not affect you in anyway. I have never even heard of being sent to collections for again they do not report to the credit agencies so i do not understand how they can send it to collections.

    • Don’tBuyFromHere

      I used to work at ME. Different locations and franchise owners will do different things. The location i worked at, management would take a year to process transfers and other things. When the persons account finally transferred over, the services they bought over at the starting location of the membership stays there and any other ones you buy will go to your new location. When I worked there I would always let people who were going to transfer know. It would be easier to use up your services and cancel your membership and resign up at the new location. Its a lot faster and less hassle.

      As far as trying to get you to pay us money if you go into suspend, If you get to 4 months, my manager would do an immediate cancel witch would cancel your membership and void out all your services. They would call you and let you know that you are past due every month and when you hit 4 months they cancel your membership.

  • massage envy is the worst

    They don’t report you to collections.

  • magictouch822

    Individual franchises can use collection agencies if they choose to. any business can, that is up to each individual owner. buyer beware with this company.

  • Piper

    I work at a ME location and yes, we do send people to collection who are behind 4 months on their payments. What could have happened with your credit card is that it takes about a month to process your transfer and if you gave a card prior to being fully integrated into your new system then although it is on file, it is not tied to your membership. I know, it’s completely stupid; we also think this. But even if there wasn’t a card tied to your actual membership the front desk should have tried the card on file that is not tied to your membership but to your profile (which are separate yet not at the same time, again stupid). If your account is suspended one month we call and speak with someone or leave a voicemail informing you of your account issue. That’s ridiculous that they said not to worry about it and basically let your account go that far. BBB will not do anything, sadly, and you will go to collections and your credit will take a hit. I’m very sorry this happened to you, my location would never do this!

    • Noneuknow

      Amazing you admit the situation is ridiculous, yet continue to defend your store. And. Complaint to BBB is BAD for YOU. ThT I why you defended your store Massage Ency has such a poor reputation that it has it’s own complaint website. Rather than co tinier to rip people off, by don’t you improve your contract and start treating your customers with respect. You can only walk onthin ice so long.