Massage Envy Victor is terrible

My fiance used to work here. She is 8 month pregnant and was forced to clean with ammonia! How can you expose her to this chemical and harm our unborn son? You have no clue how to run a business. Your employes (with the exception of a like 2 or 3) only care about bothering the customer with signing up. I have news for you… some people can not afford to spend $40 a month for a membership. Things like feeding your family and putting a roof over their heads is a little more important. Stop seeing dollar signs when people walk in the door. I would love to see the day that massage envy goes out of business!

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  • Liz

    Why are you having your pregnant fiance who is practically ready to pop still working?
    Secondly – the amount of memberships sold directly affect the LMTs, front desk staff, and estheticians paychecks (in more ways than one – such as almost guaranteeing a regular client) sooooo… that feeds their family. Which would mean yours. Your argument is redundant.
    Your complaint blurs the line between client and employee too much to be clear and valid.
    Also, I have never even seen ammonia being used as a cleaning agent at ME.
    Lastly, if someone can’t feed their kids or pay their rent… maybe they shouldn’t be getting a massage. /priorities/

    • MEdude

      You really are an uncaring heartless cunt aren’t you?

  • Guest

    I agree with MEdude. Chick you really need to go crawl under a rock and stay there. There’s no hope for you. Ever.